The people may not know or understand.

The television drama is obviously and directly involving in
people daily’s life, and it seems to possibly have some influences on people
somehow as well. Therefore people are impacted by several of the TV drama’s
influences both directly and circuitously in the aspects of behavior, culture,
tourism, and health education. Hence aim of this research paper was to identify
and analyze some of these influences and the following result that would
possibly happen by those TV drama effects. The influences of TV dramas on
people’s behavior include the children copying behavior, such as copying
aggressive behavior and shaping their sex-role attitude. Furthermore,
cross-culture and tourism business also get some influences of TV dramas, for
instance spreading a culture cross over countries by the viral of TV dramas and
the increasing number of tourists because the TV drama represents some new
tourist destinations. Additionally, health education can be acknowledged
through the TV dramas, for example waking people awareness or warning them about
serious issues such as suicide and giving them information about medical
treatment which some people may not know or understand. These findings show
congruencies to Rawlings (2011) that the TV dramas have some influences to
people because it can shape people’s perception, thought, and behavior.
Therefore, if people realize about these influences of television dramas, they
could cope with all the negative and positive following results and also could
take advantages of those influences as well. However, this topic requires
additional research with more depth analysis, as the television dramas might
have more positive and negative influences than the findings above showing, and
it is not the only TV content that could affect or influence people but other
genres of TV contents could do so.


researchers have been researching about the negative and positive influences of
television dramas for ages, yet many people still do not realize about those
influences. Unawareness of the influences of TV dramas sometimes causes
terrible results and failing to adapt these influences may lead people to miss
the some advantages of TV dramas as well. Hence, further studies of the
influences covered in this paper should be examined and indicated the
influences of TV dramas that are directly involving in people’s life. This
paper’s findings might awake people to aware of the influences of TV dramas,
also guide them to cope with some negative impacts, and guide them to take some
advantages outcomes of these influences. To conclude, the television dramas do
not have just negative effects but also positive, thus if people realize and
know how to deal with these things they would get a lot more advantages from
the TV dramas that might be developing TV drama to be educator etc.

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