The of your updates by reaching out

The Secret
to Increasing your Business’ Organic Traffic through Facebook

It is always there, tempting
you to click it, every time you publish a post on your business page. That “boost
post” Facebook button. Perhaps you have always hesitated because you are not
sure what “posting a post” entails, or if it is even worth it.

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It is an easy and simple way
to enhance the visibility of your updates by reaching out to a broader audience
than you otherwise would. How does one boost a post? Why should they do it? Is
possible to get the best deal out of it? Read on and I will unfold all this to

Why should you boost a post?

By boosting a post, you are
basically building an audience that is legitimately interested in what you have
to offer. This could range from a product to a service, or even an idea. A 100%
organic traffic is usually hard to come by on Facebook. This creates a need to
spend some money to increase the chances of your page in a crowded user’s news feed.

You are free to choose the
amount you are willing to spend. This depends on the number of people you want
your post to reach and the timeframe you choose. It is however advisable to
start small and gauge which kind of boosted posts yield the best results. The
results are always worth the small fee. Boost your posts if you intend to:

Increase engagement:
If a post that a user already liked appears on their news feed, there is a high
likelihood of them engaging in it in some way. They could ask questions,
participate in an ongoing discussion, or even share it.

Guarantee an increased visibility: A boosted post appears higher in a user’s News Feed thereby
guaranteeing a broader audience.

Reach out to a new audience: Facebook
gives you the freedom to choose your target audience. For example, selecting
the post to appear on people who like your Page plus their friends’ News Feed guarantees
that it appears at the front page of your fan’s friends too.

Target the accurate audience:
When boosting, one is given an option of selecting their audience based on their
interests, age, gender and even locality. You can never go wrong with such a
narrowed down selection.

Which posts are worth spending money on?

You do not have to boost each
and every post on your page. Do a thorough analysis to gauge which posts did
well organically and boost those. A few examples include:

Content that is beneficial to your audience: Promotional content once in a while is okay, but primarily
choose content that will be beneficial to your audience in one way or another.
Users are bound to relate to such content and may even end up sharing it

Green content:
This is geared towards creating awareness about your brand. If you are
intending to role out a new product or line of service, this is the ideal way
to send out the message. Tip: Even
if you intend to share information that’s really helpful but links to someone
else’s website, don’t boost it. Why pay to drive traffic away from your page?

Content that will grow your fan base email list: Freebies such as giveaways, webinars and ebooks that require your
users to subscribe to your email list definitely warrant boosting.

Be sure to abide by the Facebook’s 20% text rule on
photos. If a post you intend to boost links to a photo that pulls too much
text, you might not be able to boost it.

Finally to the fun part. How
to effectively boost your post!

How to Boost a Facebook Post like a Pro

Facebook lays out the ‘boost’
button clearly as soon as you publish a post. However, there are some tips you
will need to know even as you go about the process.

Once you have identified a
post that is doing organically well, follow the following steps:

Click ‘boost
post’ at the bottom right of your post.

You will be
prompted to make either of the following decisions:

Call your
audience to action by selecting a given button.

Select your
audience. You can either choose ‘people who like your posts and their friends’
or ‘people you will choose through targeting’. The first option may not be the
most ideal if the friends to people that like your page are not interested in
your stuff. I recommend the second option as you will be able to target a
specific audience.

Choose a budget.
It is advisable to start small and increase the budget as time goes by and all
goes well.


 The ‘people you will choose through targeting’
option allows you to select your audience’s age, gender, location and
interests. If you click on ‘more options’, you can select whether you want to
spread over a number of days (maximum being seven days) or if you want to
change the account to be charged.

A preview of how your boosted
post will appear in the News Feed is provided for both the desktop and mobile


Once your boosted post goes
live, you will be able to view it in the Ads Manager. From there you can
monitor your ad, see how it’s performing over time and run detailed reports on


To further enhance the
effectiveness of a boosted post, it is important to know when your targeted
audience is usually online. This majorly depends on the kind of business you
are running. If your products are used by offices for example, the most ideal time
would be from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays as this is the time social media
managers to these companies are online. If you are not sure about the best
times, you can run several ads at different times of the day or you to gauge
the most ideal time based on how they perform.




Facebook post boosting is an
easy and convenient way to increase traffic to your website or business. In as
much as it is as easy as clicking a button, advertisers need to understand who
their target is, why users would even be interested in the post and what the
main goal is. It is absolutely necessary to have an effective plan in place for
one to maximize such a potential opportunity in today’s Facebook world where
organic reach is drastically dwindling.