The of these actions, Nightingale had successfully

 The nursing profession did not exist a hundred and fifty years ago; however, in nowadays society, people cannot function without it because the nursing profession is complex and specialized. Nurses have the responsibility to take care of patients and Florence Nightingale is one of the most famous nurses in the history. She had a huge influence on modern nursing and people image her as the “Lady with the Lamp.” Even today, new nurses take Nightingale Pledge and light the lamp to honor Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale came from British elite social circles; supposedly, she was expected to become a housewife; however, she believed that nursing is the real dream that she wanted to pursue. After the nursing school, Nightingale returned back to London to work. She discovered that by improving the sanitary condition, the death rate will drop significantly. During the Crimean War, the army asked Nightingale for help. She was shocked about the unsanitary condition and the fact that there were more soldiers died from infections instead of the wounds. Nightingale believed that in order to drop the death rate, improving sanitary condition is a must. So, Nightingale provided soldiers fresh air to breath, clean water to drink and healthy food to eat. Also, she believed that daily changes of the bandage and bedding will decrease the infection rate. By doing all of these actions, Nightingale had successfully decreased the death rate by two-thirds; in fact, this is a revolutionary action because it set up the foundation of modern nursing and she also became the founder of modern nursing. Later in her life, Nightingale focused on designing the medical system that would benefit the larger community. Now, the nursing profession has become one of the most regulated and respected professions in the world. This is a career that not only taking care of patients, but also saving patients’ lives.  

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