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The society depicts a representation of hierarchy everywhere, whether it is in real life world that we are living in or in the movies. In the movie Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton, the characters create a strong division between the classes which is known as the proletariat (the working/lower class) and the bourgeoisie (the upper class). Alice is a member of the upper class whereas she is being portray in a way how the upper class women speak, dress and act. Furthermore, as she enters Wonderland, Alice is expected to be the hero that the creature of Wonderland are waiting for in order to save them from the Queen of Hearts, which is ironic as she suppose to treat them unjustly as well. Therefore, a social system conducted by the Queen of Hearts exists in Wonderland that leads to the oppression of the lower class creatures. An order of social class can be seen throughout the movie between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The characters in the movie belong in different order of class which do not interact well with each other. When Alice first enter Wonderland,she meets a group of creatures that belongs in the working class society, such as the white rabbit (Nivens Mctwisp), the frog (Frog Frontman) and other animals that is shown in the movie. Like the flamingo, the pig (Pig baby) and the monkey (Pat), they are also used as tools and instruments in order to meet the upper class needs for their own source of entertainment. The poor frog eats the Queen of Hearts tart as suppose that he is very hungry and gets killed because of it. It shows how merciless the Queen is, to treat the lower class creatures like a trash and make them feel like they do not belong in the same world as them. The creatures that are treated like instruments and being prosecuted without any decent reason illustrates the bourgeoisie’s power and how they can easily manipulate anyone from lower class by making them do meaningless work just to satisfy their own needs. Later on, Alice continues her adventures in Wonderland where she meets the Queen of Hearts who is the ruler and a member of the upper class society. The bourgeoisie or the upper class individuals are the ones who are powerful and in control of Wonderland. ¬†The Queen of Hearts dehumanizes all the creatures that belongs in lower class, yet it is so ironic that she is the Queen of Hearts but she does not have a heart. The Queens big head symbolizes her ego and attitude. Throughout the movie, the Queen of Hearts always say “off with their heads” (Burton). The Queen says this line which means ordering someone to kill a person or behead them. She portrays how powerful she is and have the capability of killing someone if she needs to. Although she is an educated person, but she still relies on her power and use it as a key to make others do everything for her. The proletariat does not have a choice but to follow the Queen because they are powerless and she might kill them if they did not obey her rules. Overall, the bourgeoisie represents the dominance between classes and the proletariat is their compliant. In closing, the unjust treatment of the bourgeoisie is because of the proletariat not having the voice to speak up and stand for themselves as they are being continually controlled by the upper class. As a result, the division between two classes are highly seen in the movie as it shows how brutal are the upper class society to the working class. The proletariat impetrate for their own freedom but the upper class is in constant control of them. The Queen of ¬†Hearts is an oppressive ruler to the people of Wonderland whose power comes from immoral doings.