The Natural Environment Essay

The natural environmental problem is the one of the most important problem to impact our world. Some problems are very famous like “global warming” and “Marine pollution”. We usually the government determine to spend millions or billions dollars to curb environmental pollution from news. In fact, we can save the money because we always curb environmental pollution after we did it. The natural environmental problem was already permeated our life. We almost can find it everywhere.

For example, in the poem, “The Fish,” we can find some environmental pollution: “I stared and stared/and victory filled up/the little rented boat,/from the pool of bilge/where oil had spread a rainbow/around the rusted engine/to the bailer rusted orange,/the sun-cracked thwarts,/the oarlocks on their strings,/the gunnels–until everything/was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow! /And I let the fish go. (Bishop lines 65-76) We can see the oil, the garbage killed many animals in every second. We can see the “Deep-water Horizon oil spills. ” It was happened in 2010. We create a huge disaster in the sea by a small error.

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People always want to protect animals when they will be endangered, or protect environment after it has been broken. Like the example of I said, after the oil spills, only the thousands death animals’ body can help us remember our error. “From that database, we know that the NNE octant of the Gulf (that area containing the Deep Horizon oil spill) contains 8332 species of plants and animals. Including only the major taxa of animals at all depths in the region of the spill, there are 1461 mollusks, 604 polychaetes, 1503 crustaceans, 1270 fishes, 4 sea turtles, 218 birds and 29 marine mammal species. (Shirley) We know it is a beautiful place and many animals live at there, but let’s read what we saw after the oil spills “The latest numbers are: 6,104 dead birds, 609 dead sea turtles and 100 dead mammals, including dolphins. ” (Day) That is not all of the hurt of we created. The oil can cut off the oxygen from the sea. It would not only kill the animal that we saw, and it would kill much plankton that we cannot see. The plankton is main food of many animals, so that more and more animals will die by hunger.

There is much toxic chemical composition in the oil, and it will enter plankton’s body, after animals eat it, the animals will be toxic, too. If some land animals, including humans, eat them like toxic fish, the pollution will enlarge to the land. Except the hurt we need to care, we also need to spend a lot of money to curb it. “The payments far exceed the letter of U. S. law, which caps economic liabilities in oil spills at just $75 million. BP agreed to waive that limit. In a pact hammered out in a four-hour White House bargaining session, BP agreed to “set aside” $20 billion in U.

S. assets as a guarantee that it would make good on the promised $20 billion in cash by 2013. ” (Weisman). That is not enough because the oil is hard to break up naturally. That means the residual oil can stay in the nature and keep break environment for many years. We don’t know how much damage of the oil created in the future. Like I just said before, the area of the oil pollution will enlarge every day. Maybe ten years later, the aftermath will affect the entire world. Not only the catastrophe, some small things will break our environment too.

The things of we usually used break our environment in every second. For example, a little cleaning agent will pollute gallons water; pesticide not only killed bugs, and it will enter to other animals’ bodies from air or water; a cigarette ends may fire thousands acres forest. A battery can pollutes one square meter farm land, and the land will never grow up anyone in thousands years. If we throw a battery into water, it can pollute thousands gallons water. It is same as a person need to drink whole the life.

A plastic bag like we using in Wal-Mart can stay in the nature for hundreds years. If any animal eat it, it will die. The car exhaust emissions pollute the air. In some researches, the car exhaust emissions of a car discharged is heavier than the car, and the number of people who killed by car exhaust emissions will be ten times more than the people who killed by traffic Accident. For my personal experience, I lived in a northern city in China when I was a child, and it freezing cold in the winter. We fire the coal to make warm.

Of course we don’t fire the coal at home. It is the companies work. They fire coal and hot the water, then they sends the hot water into heaters. It looks no matter with the natural environment problem, but we should know there are millions people in the same city. We don’t know how much coal we cast in each winter. Tons of coal ash have been creating and float to everywhere. The ash may float on the sky in whole the year and going down every day. In my home, my mother has to clean the home every week. If not, we can see much ash on the tables and floor.

The government must spend millions dollar to clean the city. In some corners, we can see one or two feet height ash stack at there. We need to clean the windows and wash the cars after every rain because the rain water is so dirty. The problem obstructs our life every day after we create it. At the end, government paid almost one hundred million dollars to move the companies and buy the coal ash cleaner and give them to companies. That is ten times expensive than they saved before, but the environment is much better and ash are less.

We still can find some coal ash now, and they maybe will stay in the air a few years. Now, some people already know the importance about environmental protection. In the newspaper like New York Time, we find much news about it. “Acting on a campaign promise, New Mexico’s new Republican governor, Susana Martinez, has scuttled a state regulation requiring annual 3 percent cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. ” (Barringer) Some people will keep the way that curb after pollute. We also can find some message about that. But because this is China, there are big differences, too. In contrast to the Obama vision, the plan here preserves a central role for coal — the dirtiest fossil fuel in terms of emissions of greenhouse gases, but a resource that China has in abundance. ” Coal is not a good fuel. There are many kinds of impurities like sulfur in Coal. Burning Sulfur is main reason of the acid rain, and acid rain will corrode our building, car and any other things outside. It can kill trees and grasses, too. We want to some clean energy. There are some messages about it too. That means that even if the mix of electric generating plants does not change, the cleaner gas-fired ones will run for more hours and the dirtier coal-fired ones will run for fewer. Making a kilowatt-hour from gas means emitting about 40 percent less carbon dioxide, compared with coal. ” (Wald) Coal is very cheap in China. In fact, coal is the most important fuel in China, and we use it to generate electricity and warm. It is so hard to leave it, but we should know we will spend a lot of money on the environmental pollution control, and it will be much more than we saved now.

We need to begin to protect the natural environment right now. I know we need to spend a lot of money if we want to protect our environment, and it will slow the world economy. We need to leave the cheap fuel away, and we need to add the decontamination plant in most of factories. That will add much cost, and it means poor and unemployed, but if we keep way we were walking that curb environmental pollution after we did, we will lose more in the future than we saved now. Also we may lose some things forever.