The most to the organization on long

The advancement
of an employee from one job position to another job position that has a higher salary range, a higher level job title, and, often, more and higher
level job responsibilities in an organization, is called a promotion. In EF
promotion is totally depended on continuous better performing in specific job
which benefit the most to the organization on long term basis, usually it took
place more in sales department, as EF is sales base organization rather than
delivering services, that’s why promotions took place more in marketing/sales


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Transfer procedure of the employees of EF is performed by
the Admin department. For transfer the following procedure will be adopted by
the employee. First of all he will have to fill a proforma in which he provides
full information about him.

Recommendations with certificate
that no enquiry, no demand, no complaint, no audit para etc, is lying
pending against the application.
Collection of Personal Data/Service
Record by Assistant Manager HRM 
Preparation of Tentative Seniority
List Assistant Manager HRM
Approval of competent Authority by
Competent Authority
Decision /Promotion in Meeting by
Issuance of orders Manager HRM


There will be no hard and fast rule for demotion but Demotion
is a Major penalty by the higher authority to those employees who will be
involve in any illegal activities. Mean those activities which are not allowed
by the law/department.



Layoff means temporary involuntary termination; may last
only a few days or extend to years. There is not rule for layoff in EF.


If any employee is not performing his duties according to
his job description higher authority has a right to terminate to this employee
with procedure. Termination procedure is given as under in case an employee is
not interested with his job. First of all issue a explanation to the employee
is he give a reasonable answer of this explanation then a warning issue to
him that he will not perform again such kind of mistake. If an employee failed
to give proper justification against this explanation then further two
explanations are issued to this employee. After that a show Cause
notice issued to the employee. After 15 days of issuance to show cause notice
personal hiring conduct with this employee and after that termination letter issued to the


 The procedure of resignation is given as under. The
employee wants to resign from his duty. First of all he will give resignation letter to his officer. Concerned officer forwarded his application to the Manager
HR and in case of contract employee concerned officer forwarded his application
to the Manager Admin. After that
both managers forwarded resignation letters to the higher authority (CEO). Higher
authority accept/reject the
resignation on his own behalf.


The procedure of retirement is given as under. Employees
can get retirement after 25 years of his service. For this purpose he will have
to take some necessary actions mentioned as under;-

Service verification from A.G.
Application for retirement to the CEO.
All employees can apply for
retirement after 25 year by through proper channel.
After 60 year of his age all
employees can apply for retirement otherwise authority has a right for retirement
of any employees.