The Miracle Worker Movie Critique Essay

Movie Critique (3) : The Miracle Worker

In short, the Miracle Worker is a film about a child, named Helen, born blind and deaf, who has no real means of communication except certain thing with her mother. The family asks a teach, Ms. Annie, with questionable methods to attempt to teach Helen a means of communication. At first it is thought that Helen has mental deficiencies, but it is soon proved to be quite the opposite; she has a hungry mind waiting to learn. The only real problem is that because the members of the family had no means of communication with her, and because they pitied her, they didn’t attempt to discipline her and spoiled her. After many weeks of arduous tasks, Ms. Annie finally enables Helen some kind of communication, but Helen is unable to grasp the meaning of the “words” and their associations.

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This is finally overcome when Helen and Annie are out at the fountain and Helen, felling the water on her hands remembers a time when she was very young with her mother playing and she “says” the words “wah-wah”. Finally, Annie is able to make a break though and show Helen that all the “words” she had been “spelling” had meanings and associations; this allows Helen a new form of true communication.

In relation the Nature vs. Nurture argument, Helen’s case shows us that both are equally important in both development and socialization. Nature may have taken away her eye sight and hearing, but it gave her other senses a boost, improved sense of smell, extra sensitive touch’ etc. With these, as well as her extraordinary intellect, Helen was able to make sense of the world in which she lived, albeit a limited understanding of it.

Her parents pity didn’t help much either, they allowed her to have whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, and very rarely did they treat her as a part of the family; often treating her as a disruptive pet. As such, her manners and socialization skills were greatly underdeveloped, so Ms. Annie had to resort to an unorthodox, but effective, means of teaching Helen in order to make her understand.

We cans see this I our society today, for those who have been stricken with blindness, deafness, mental retardation, etc. there’re many programs, and learning facilities where they form communities where these obstacles can be circumvented. The same can be said for those who have been deprived of social interactions or have personality problems that affect their socialization abilities. Many programs and facilities are in place to help cope with these things.