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The Effects Chinese Immigrants Have On The Urban Growth In North America     China is the world’s most populated country. China has had rapid population growth from 1998 to 2018. In 1970 China had a population of 820 million and now in 2018 there are over 1.4 billion. As the population grows so does the immigration rate which has had great effects on North America’s urban growth. The number of immigrants from China to Canada grew 63.9% from 332,825 in 2001 to 545,534 in 2011 making the Chinese the largest foreign-born group in North America. The Chinese immigrants in North America are still the largest ethnic group in 2018 totalling 5.35 million. This contributes both negative and positive impacts on North America’s urban development, but the negative influences that the Chinese immigrants bring, cause more negative effects on the urban growth than it does positive.Chinese immigrants coming to North America place a significant strain on North America’s natural resources. Thousands of trees are being cut down for new houses and buildings to shelter these immigrants.  More oil is being imported for cars (transportation) which has caused gas prices to go up. Traffic is increasing more regularly in the urban centres with more people on the roads. These things alone are causing a strain in North America’s urban development. The money put towards taking down trees for lumber to make houses and importing oil to fuel cars could be going towards Urban planning and  development of new transportation and new buildings, etc.Another negative aspect the chinese immigrants are having on North America’s urban growth is the Unemployment rate. Since these new immigrants are foreign most are not employed. It is hard for them. New language new culture’s, and a new environment. These immigrants are seeking jobs and are usually willing to work for relatively low pay which may cause employers to ignore productivity, training and innovation. This drives the unemployment rate up. Those who are employed are usually running a business of some sort and have brought it to North America. This could also be bad for urban developments because it creates additional competition in the market, driving up prices and negatively affecting North America’s economy.One of the most dangerous and negative effects the chinese immigrants are having on North America’s urban growth is health quality. All around the world there are different diseases and illnesses that may not be in North America. Immigration is the highest cause of foreign diseases to spread in other countries. Some diseases that are found in China that are not common in North America is Hepatitis, Typhoid fever, and Bacterial diarrhea. Hepatitis is transmitted through contaminated food or water. Hepatitis A has seen several large outbreaks in China. The epidemic rate of hepatitis A in China hovers around 80.9 percent.  It has the potential to cause death. Typhoid fever and Bacterial diarrhea are extremely common in China and have killed a lot of people. Both these diseases are also transmitted through foods and water which are two easily accessible resources that cause the diseases to spread. So how does this affect North America’s urban growth? If any of these new immigrants contain these diseases there is a possibility these diseases could spread around. This could possibly cause an increase in the unemployment rate in North America because they would be too ill to work. This could put a drain on the health care system in Canada, due to increased numbers of people drawing on the system. This could also affect infrastructure spending and limit the urban growth.Studies show that immigrants tend to be prepared to do lower end or unskilled jobs because a lot of them do not have a solid education or can’t find higher end jobs. According to census data, Chinese immigrants have increased the size of the low-skilled workforce by roughly 20 percent. As a result the North American workers who have relatively low-skilled jobs are affected because the immigrants are taking over those jobs and once again could cause a rise in the unemployment rate. Migration of the Chinese immigrants in North America also causes a strain in the  urban growth. When these Chinese immigrants come to North America they bring their cultural differences with them. This may cause migration to occur. Their cultural differences may limit them from being social with others cultures and therefore cause some separation between cultures. When this happens some may move to urban areas in North America. When more and more people move to urban areas is can cause a chain of effects. More traffic in urban areas, less job opportunities, min wage may be affected because more employees to employ, and even house prices and gas prices could go up because there is more need for them. Although the Chinese immigrants cause more negative impacts to the urban growth of North America, there are some positives to take a look at. One being that as these immigrants come to North American one of the first things they are looking to do is to get a job. Most are not coming already employed; most come seeking to be employed and therefore, out of distress to provide for their families, they are often willing to work in jobs that the typical Canadian or American person might not want to do. Some of those jobs include; custodians, taxi drivers, nannies, cashiers, small construction, etc. This could be a good thing because even though these jobs are low end and unskilled, it doesn’t make them unimportant. Take a taxi driver for instance. Many people use taxi drivers as their source of transportation. The Chinese immigrants and other immigrants are good to fill in these jobs when a lot of people may not want them. Another positive impact you might say is taxes. When a Chinese person gets a job here in North America they will have to pay taxes and when more money is going to the government, that money can go towards new infrastructures and better transportation in urban areas allowing for a better lifestyle. This also helps keep the economic market sustainable which can then help urban planners feel more comfortable about starting development processes of these new infrastructures.  When comparing the impacts the Chinese immigrants are having on North America’s urban development, it is clear that although there are some positive impacts; there are a lot more negatives; obstructing the urban life in North America to grow to its full potential. Natural resources, the unemployment rate, traffic, gas prices, house prices, etc, are all affected by the Chineses immigrants coming to North America. Not that it is a bad thing for the Chinese to come to North America, but it definitely does not help North America’s urbanization to grow and therefore with the negative influences that they bring, urban development in North America will continue to be a slow process.