The media class ends, she heads to


The Longest


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Lisa, student at Columbia High School in Liberty Bay, discovers
she can rewind time. The plot revolves around her testing and exploring her
power and reuniting with her old best friend, Amber. The pair is set out to
find out more about the disappearance of April, the harassment of Kerry and the
drug schemes of Nicolas. The friendship between Lisa and Amber is put to the
test as Lisa debates whether to reveal her rewind power.


The story begins as Lisa wakes up in the middle of a storm. Everything around is chaotic and hectic. On an
isolated hill, she sees a lighthouse and makes her way to it. Before she
reaches the lighthouse, she spots a massive tornado tearing up Liberty Bay. The eye of the cyclone destroys everything that comes into its
way. Destroyed houses, vandalised cars and particles of sand along with mud
portray how devastating and powerful the tornado really is. The storm
lunches a stray boat into the lighthouse, absolutely wrecking and destroying
it. However just as the upper part of the lighthouse is about to fall on her,
she wakes up.

Lisa attributes the vision to falling asleep in her photography
class, and shakes herself awake to listen to her teacher. With the disbelief on her face, Lisa is set back into
reality. She quickly settles back as the vision of bad nightmare is nothing to
worry about in her eyes.  As her
photography and media class ends, she heads to the bathroom for some privacy
after her embarrassing failure answering questions, and witnesses a young blue
haired girl being shot by Nicolas. Lisa has a weird
sense that she knows the girl but can’t quite make up where from.

She does everything to try to stop Nicolas when suddenly finds
herself back in the classroom. This time, it’s
completely different feeling that possess Lisa. She knows that something is not
right and thinks that perhaps the nightmare wasn’t just an ordinary nightmare.  Upon seeing the same events happen in her
media class, she discovers she can rewind time. Lisa is
in a complete state of disbelief as she’s almost certain she has special powers
and can rewind time at any given time. Lisa being an intelligent and clever
student, decides to put her use of special powers into good and responsible


Her first action is to attempt to save the girl. By making her
way to the bathroom and setting off the fire alarm before Nicolas pulls the
trigger, Lisa succeeds and heads out of the school, after a minor confrontation
with the High school’s principal and head of security. The
conversation is pretty hectic and Lisa tries to explain what happened while the
principal tries to calm her down.  

She heads back to her room to retrieve her friend James’s
flash-drive, making her way past Stacy and her friends
by turning on sprinklers and covering the rich girl in paint. This situation
wouldn’t have happened if Stacy didn’t block the way to the dorm rooms. Lisa
used her rewinding power to turn on the sprinklers to move Stacy from simply
blocking the way.

In the dorm, she discovers the flash-drive is with her friend
Danielle, who is trapped in her room at the hands of Jessica, who believes
Danielle was sexting her boyfriend.  Surprised and stunned by the situation, Lisa decides to take
the action into her own hands. The drama was a tactic set up by Stacy,
and Lisa searches her room in order to get proof for Jessica, who sets Danielle
free. Both, Jessica and Danielle are thankful towards
Lisa. One is happy to be free, the other is excited by the fact that the rumour
was not true.  

Retrieving the flash-drive, Lisa makes for the parking lot to
meet James. Unfortunately, Kerry is being harassed by Danny, the head of the
High School’s Security. Lisa sees the situation however
does not step in to intervene and stop the hassle. She decides to take out her
camera and get some digital proof of the harassment. The situation quickly
brakes up however Lisa that hid behind the concrete pillar has a deep remorse
feeling about not stepping up and helping her friend Kerry.

Returning James’s flash-drive, Lisa is interrupted by Nicolas,
who angrily accuses her of spying on him in the bathroom. As he becomes
violent, the fight is broken up by the approach of a truck driven by the blue
haired girl, Amber, Lisa’s old best friend.

Lisa jumps in the truck while James distracts Nicolas helping
Lisa and Amber make their escape. In the act, Nicolas
throws punches at James while the girls escape their way. It is another act
that the specific persona of Nicolas can be observed. The aggression towards
others and the mentality of putting himself above others can be easily


In the car, the two talk about how Lisa lost contact with Amber,
and how her life has become difficult after her father’s death and her mother’s
new marriage. The conversation between Lisa and Amber
in the car is rather awkward and stiff. Lisa feels awful for leaving Amber
while back. Amber on the other hand is empathic and sour towards Lisa as she
left her awhile back and didn’t keep a contact throughout the time.

Back at Amber’s house, she smokes weed while Lisa puts on some
music and discovers that Amber is the one putting up posters around the school
about the missing girl, April. As Lisa’s camera is broken, she leaves Amber
alone for a moment to find tools to fix it. She decides
to go to the garage in which she finds a lot of items related to Danny, the
head of school security. She quickly grabs any useful tools and heads back
upstairs. Despite having the tools, she fails to fix her camera, and
Amber gives her father’s old camera to Lisa. Lisa is
overwhelmed by the gift. At first she doesn’t want to keep it however Amber
insists to keep it as she has no other use for it.  

Before they can finish celebrating their renewed friendship,
Danny arrives home, Amber’s stepfather dislikes the loud music they’re playing,
and marches upstairs. Amber asks Lisa to hide to prevent Danny from catching
her having a friend in the house as he dislikes strangers. As Danny rushes upstairs and furiously opens the door, he
encounters Lisa which failed to find a hiding place in Amber’s room. Danny
quickly notices the smell of the weed and points the finger towards Lisa for
being a bad example and a friend to Amber. He then warns her that if this
continues, he will report it to the school.

Lisa and Amber talk on top of the lighthouse hill, and Lisa
passes out into another vision. It’s another nightmare
scenario. As the storm rages around her, she again walks back up the
hill towards the lighthouse. At the end of the pathway, she discovers a
newspaper with the date. That Friday, the tornado will strike Liberty Bay. Once again the environment around is chaotic and hectic. The
eye of the cyclone destroys everything in its way. The sand and dirt particles
are flying everywhere. As she snaps out of the vision in a panic and fear, she tells Amber about her newfound power and
her terrifying visions about the destruction of Liberty Bay. At this point Lisa is pretty fearful, she’s scared of what
might happen to the town they live in and people inside it. If this vision
becomes a reality, a complete destruction might present itself in front of
their own eyes.

At first, Amber is sure that Lisa is being delirious
and insane. She listens to Lisa with huge disbelief on her face as she tries to
explain her special power. Amber is not keen on believing Lisa without any
proof however deep inside she’s curious to know if Lisa is for real.  The screen fades to black however
it doesn’t end as the two wonder what to do about the situation when it
suddenly starts snowing, despite it being a sunny day.


Lisa wakes up in her dorm, completely exhausted and drained after staying awake most of the night to
research the source of her rewind power. At this point
she is unsure whether she’s blessed to have those powers or disguised since it’s
a big commitment and obligation to have such powers to own disposal. As
she enters the dorm shower room, she sees Kerry who is brushing her teeth.
Kerry will ask if Lisa can bring a book back to her that she had borrowed as
she needs it for class. Lisa happily nods and they
continue their conversation for a little.

As Lisa then takes a shower, she hears voices and peeks around
the shower curtain to see Stacy and Tara teasing Kerry about the viral video of
her allegedly setting a tongue record on video. Kerry is clearly distressed and anxious and leaves the bathroom upset. She quickly rushes out of the room, smashing the door behind
her and begins to sob as she reaches her room.  

Stacy continues to talk about Kerry and says to Tara, “I
know Nicolas hooked her up. And you know he has the good shit,” referring
to Nicolas. The bitchy conversation then turns to Lisa with Tara saying Lisa is
a weirdo with a dumb camera. Stacy remarks that she hates Lisa with passion and she despises everything about her.
Before they both leave the bathroom, Stacy uses lipstick to leave a link to
Kerry’s video on a bathroom mirror.

Lisa feels distasteful towards Stacy’s behaviour and
wipes away the link before leaving the bathroom to head back to her dorm and
retrieve Kerry’s book. As she heads back to her dorm she
finds herself wondering and thinking what video Stacy and Tara were talking
about and what Kerry has to do with that situation.

Before she enters the room, she receives a text message from a
private number. The anonymous message, which Lisa suspects is from Nicolas,
warns her to keep her mouth shut about everything and that they know where she
sleeps. When Lisa visits Kerry to return the book, she finds her in a depressed
and hopelessness state, and her room is in a
state of untidiness, which Lisa knows is completely unlike Kerry.

They have a conversation about the video, and Kerry will be
adamant that all she remembers is feeling sick and dizzy after just one sip of
wine, Nicolas offering to take her to the hospital, waking up in a room that
she thought looked like a hospital, and then waking up again outside her dorm
room the next day. She asks Lisa for her advice on what to do next.

With Lisa being one of her few friends she feels like
its mandatory to suggest and give her advice on what to do. Lisa suggests that
it’s too early to call the police and if they want to prove anything, they will
need more proof of what happened that night in the club. Kerry is dissatisfied with
the decision as she thinks Lisa isn’t being on her side but after all decides to
listen to her and followed her advice.

After advising Kerry, Lisa leaves the dorm and runs into James.
They have a conversation regarding Danny, and Lisa thanks him for stepping in
yesterday when Nicolas manhandled her on the parking lot. James asks Lisa if
she wants to go see a Planet of the Apes movie with him.

Lisa declines the invitation and takes the bus downtown to the
diner where Amber’s mother, Joyce, works as a waitress. After entering the
diner, Lisa sees Trevor and Justin sitting at a table near the door.

Lisa sits at a table further down. Joyce sees Lisa and converses
with her regarding Amber, Danny, and the events of the previous night. Joyce always treated Lisa like her second daughter and once
she sits down at the table she starts to go over memories when Lisa and Amber
were little kids and how they always played with each other and spent a lot of time
with each other in general. This triggers memories inside Lisa’s head deploying
even further pity about herself for leaving Amber behind. Besides that, the two
discuss the passing of her husband, and how much Amber has changed since her
remarriage to Danny. Joyce is of the mind that the side of Danny that she saw
with Amber isn’t how Danny really is and hopes Lisa gets to know him on her

Lisa decides what to order and Joyce walks away, returning
shortly with food. Amber enters the diner and gets moaned at by her mother
before sitting with Lisa. Amber is still a bit sceptical regarding Lisa’s
rewind powers, so Lisa uses them to convince her.

Amber wants Lisa to tell her the contents of her pockets. After
this is successful, Lisa tells Amber she will predict the future by telling her
all of the events that will unfold in the next 30 seconds. With a shock and surprise emotion on her face Amber looks
pretty convinced of Lisa’ powers. Meanwhile an idea in Amber’s head is created.

90% convinced now, all Amber seems to want to do is further test
and play with Lisa’s power, so she asks Lisa to come with her to one of her
secret lairs.

Just before leaving the diner, Lisa gets a phone call from
Kerry. Amber gets offended that somebody else wants Lisa’s attention. The Situation towards the end got a little bit awkward as
Lisa got a phone call from Kerry thanking her for being such a good friend,
meanwhile Amber got jealous over Lisa talking to somebody else when they were
about to head out.

Amber and Lisa end up at the junkyard, Amber’s secret place,
where Amber and April used to hang out together before the disappearance. For Amber this place is special, almost like a second home,
for Lisa, it’s nothing but a scary looking junkyard with a lot of dangerous

Amber has the gun that she took from Danny and wants to shoot
targets with Lisa’s help. She asks Lisa to find some bottles to use as targets.
Knowingly, Lisa knew it was a bad and dangerous idea.
What was even more scarier was the fact that Amber stole a gun from her step-father.
Since Lisa had huge remorse for leaving Amber behind when they were younger she
decides to agree and go on with Amber’s ‘bright’ idea.

During her search, Lisa finds small traces of April
around the junkyard inside a room such as CD’s graffiti, April’s letter to
Amber and Photographs.

Amber wants to take out all of the bottles without wasting a
single bullet, so Lisa has to rewind in order to guide her aim. Suddenly Lisa’s
nose starts bleeding again, and she collapses while having another vision of
the lighthouse and the tornado. Another fearful and frightening
thought of the tornado leaves Lisa’s mind occupied for a moment. After
Lisa comes around, Amber wants to show her how to shoot the gun and puts it in
Lisa’s hands. At first Lisa’s hands are shaky as she
never handled a gun however the scenario is quickly changed as Freddy comes in
to the scene out of nowhere. She quickly hides the gun behind her back
as Freddy shows up to demand money from Amber.

Amber notices that Freddy is wearing a bracelet that belonged to
April. She angrily confronts him and demands to know where he got it, to which
he furiously replies that a friend gave it to
him. When Amber tries to take the bracelet, Freddy pulls a knife on her. The action quickly picks up. Amber is shocked by the outcome
of events while Lisa stands there drilled in the spot. Without thinking,
Lisa points the gun at Freddy, and decides to shoot him despite chamber being


The surroundings get anti climatic pretty quickly as
Lisa could have killed Freddy if the chamber was full. She blankly stares at
him while he looks at her with contempt and disbelief written on his face. This
goes on for a little bit more when finally, Freddy lowers his knife and
congratulates Lisa on having ‘big balls’ attempting to shoot him and presumably
murder him. Lastly, he threatens Amber about the payment.

Amber doesn’t know how to express what just happened.
She tightly hugs Lisa for standing up to defend her and admits that it was something
special and a ballsy decision from her.

Amber and Lisa leave the junkyard to take a walk along the train
tracks. They decide to take a break and lie down on the train tracks to recover
from recent events and just talk. During that time, Amber explains how she knew
Frank and that she planned on skipping town without paying him. Lisa has
another vision. She hears Amber shouting her name inside the vision and comes
to, only to discover that Amber has a foot stuck in the tracks.

They hear the train coming, and it’s up to Lisa to save Amber. The situation is quickly becoming hectic and heated as Lisa
tries to get a hold of her nerves and not panic. The area around is pretty
empty, there is nothing around but tress however Lisa quickly spots a train
cabin in the distance. Lisa finds a crowbar that she can force open the
door to the station room to get pliers from the drawer, which she can then use
to cut the red wire in the panel box to free Amber without damaging the tracks.

Once again, Lisa saves Amber from possibly dying and
once again Amber tightly hugs her expressing her affection towards her. Afterwards,
Lisa decides she had better get back to school and Amber gives her a ride.

As they pull up outside the High School, Amber tells Lisa her
theory that the storm and Lisa’s power are connected somehow, which gives Lisa
something to think about. Though Lisa is hesitant to believe her on account of
her lack of remarkability, she concedes to Amber’s belief.

Once inside the school, Lisa finds herself with some extra time
to look around. She runs into Danny in the corridor who wants to talk about
Amber and what happened the night before. Lisa tries to
be calm and handle to conversation with ease. She answers the questions very
calmly so Danny won’t be suspecting anything.

After the conversation, Lisa gets a text from James who is in
the Science Lab. Lisa makes her way there to assist him with a chemical
experiment. She is unable to help him with the
experiment as her science knowledge is pretty basic. As she leaves the
science lab and makes her way to the Art room, she runs into Mr. Gibson having
a dispute with Kerry, who eventually walks away from him crying. From the distance it looked like Mr. Gibson was aggressive and
offensive towards Kerry.

Lisa has a brief conversation with Mr. Gibson, which is
interrupted by a phone call he receives. Mr. Gibson is dubious that Kate is completely
free of responsibility concerning the release of the video and assumes she
brought the situation upon herself. He asks Lisa to go and sit down in class
while he takes the call. Lisa makes her way inside and walks to her desk,
confronting Stacy and Nicolas who are intentionally sitting on her desk to make
her upset. Lisa shows emotion of surprise on her face
as she sees Nicolas and Stacy siting on her desk. She has a sense that nothing
good can come out of this situation. However, after teasing her, they
eventually move.






Class starts and Mr. Gibson talks about black and white
photography. When Mr. Gibson inquires about the whereabouts of Kerry, Stacy
makes a joke about the viral video. Mr. Gibson decides to address the situation,
reprimanding the students who participate in making fun or Kerry. Suddenly
Zachary bursts into the room and is freaked out over something happening at the
girls’ dorm. Despite Mr. Gibson’s demand for the students to stay put, the
classroom empties, leaving Mr. Gibson alone.

The students, including Lisa, head for the dorm. As she nears
the dorm, she sees Kerry on the roof. Before Lisa can do anything, Kerry jumps
and falls to the concrete below. Everything happens in
slow motion as Lisa gets near the dorm building.

Lisa tries to rewind time but discovers that she is unable to
rewind far enough before the point at which Kerry jumps. She tries to rewind
again, and something strange happens, she is somehow able to freeze time while
still being able to move. This is the first instance in
which Lisa discovers her extra ability. She doesn’t know how she managed that
as the importance of saving Kerry overshadows the need to investigate further in

She makes her way up to the roof of the building, but suddenly
her powers fail, and it is up to her to try to save Kerry on her own.

Lisa has a long talk with Kerry trying to persuade her
that life is worth living and that their friendship is more important than the
video leak. After a while Kerry finally Listens to Lisa and decides to go step
down. Kerry is tightly hugged by Lisa as she comes down.

Lisa succeeds in saving Kerry, those involved, Mr. Gibson,
Nicolas, Danny, and Lisa are brought into the principal’s office and are spoken
to. Lisa has to decide who takes the blame for this situation. As they all make their way to the office, their face
expressions are empty and blank. The thought of someone who nearly killed
themselves leaves their mind occupied.

Lisa finds herself in a really tight and hard
situation. She fears that her decision may be aimed at someone who is
completely innocent. In her head the scenarios appear to be, Nicolas who committed
the crime. Mr. Gibson who denied to help Kerry. Finally, Danny who made the
victim’s situation even worse. Lisa blames Danny for seeing him bullying and harassing
Kerry outside the dormitory the previous day. Danny will try to defend himself
and attack Lisa’s accusation as being unreliable. He will also mention Lisa
having dealt drugs when Lisa had earlier taken blame for Amber. Lisa had taken
a photo of Danny harassing Kerry, which results in Danny’s temporary leave.


As the epilogue rolls Danny and Joyce hold hands in the backyard
of their house, talking. Joyce hugs Danny. Following by Principal Wes arguing
with Mr. Gibson in his car.

Mr. Gibson drives away.

Stacy is crying on her bed, her face buried in her hands. Nicolas
opens the door.

Freddy sits on a rock at the beach, petting his dog next to him.

Kerry wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by balloons.

Amber sits alone on the bench at the lighthouse cliff. She’s
smoking and holding her phone in her hand, waiting for Lisa to reply to her

Principal Wes opens up a whiskey bottle in his private school’s

A row of red binders is shown. The binders have various female
names written on them. The last one in the row says “RACHEL.” Another
binder, labelled “KERRY,” lies on a table.