The Luncheon Character Essay

The character : The lady was 40 year old, talkative and not attractive. She loved his writing. She had read of his books and wrote a letter to congratulate him on his work. He invited her for lunch and to his horror she chose an expensive restaurant. E. g : “She was in fact a woman of forty (a charming age, but not one that excites a sudden and devastating passion at first sight), and she gave me the impression of having more teeth, white and large and even, than were necessary for any practical purpose.

She was talkative, but since she seemed inclined to talk about me I was prepared to be an attentive listener”. Not only her appearance but also her dialogues express that she is an extremely fat, food-loving and ravenous woman who does not even think a bit about the costs the speaker would have to pay for the lunch. She has a very good appetite, and gobbles a lot of money also. The most interesting part is the verbal irony hidden in the lines she utters to the speaker, like she does not eat too much etc.

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The woman’s tone never changes while she cheats the host and orders the most expensive dishes, and the repetition of same phrases proves it I never eat anything for luncheon”, and “I never eat more than one thing”. And that is the key sentence of the text. The woman’s insistence in saying that she does not eat anything for lunch is in the stressed mark of irony, for she ate like a heroine. She ordered one expensive dish after another. So we can make a conclusion that the woman is smart, experienced, selfish, cold, without any feeling except to fulfill her desires, and hardly bothered about the expense.