The long term care, rehabilitation and community

The field health has numerous type of occupation. One of the
toughest occupation is health field is Nursing. Nurses are important in health
field as they allow for the caring of those who are sick. They are involved in
various setting of the hospital and medical institutions. Nursing has a broad
range of health related duties and responsibilities. They include health
promotion, administration, palliative care, drug administration, long term
care, rehabilitation and community outreach. In hospitals, they work in all the
units such as cardiology, emergency, paediatrics, intensive care unit, mental,
surgery, oncology, post critical care etc.The three major type of nurses :

Registered Nurses

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Nurse practitioners

Registered practical nurses

As mentioned earlier,
nurses have broad range of duties and responsibilities. For example, a
registered nurse may perform the following duties in a hospital:

Perfoming physical exam and collecting health information from

Giving medications to patients, caring for wounds and other
personalized cares

Analyse gathered information and make critical decisions about
needed action

Provide post treatment information and counselling for patients
who are about to be discharged

Monitor vitals for inpatients and seek medical help from doctors
if need arise

Nursing job is challenging
and can be very tasking. Some of the challenges may include dealing with rude
patients, long working hours, workplace violence and workplace hazards. Nursing
community have been working hard to improve working conditions in hospital
through dialogue and lobbying. However, being a nurse can also be rewarding.
One of the most satisfying aspects of being a nurse is seeing patients recover
after being ill and the happiness it brings their families. In addition, nursing
career is financially rewarding and offers many benefits.

Nursing career is not
meant for everyone. It requires several skills and personal traits to be
successful. Those traits may include:

Great communication skills

Emotional Stability



Attention to Detail

Interpersonal Skills

Physical Endurance

It is advisable
to find volunteer work in hospital for those who are interested in career in
health field.  This would allow one to
have gain insight into what is involved in that particular career and also
gauge their interest.

To become a registered
nurse in Ontario, you need a baccalaureate university degree in nursing from a
Canadian approved university. This process can be tough to go through as
nursing is one of the hardest and most demanding programs in postsecondary education.
A lot of universities have nursing programs that are combined with colleges
where a student spends a few years in college then transfers to university to
finish the degree. The things you learn in nursing school are very specific and
different from what you might learn in medical school. You must also pass
competency exams to prove that you are able to work as a nurse. After this is
complete, you must pass the registration exam to finally be able to work as a
registered nurse in Ontario.



            Canada is currently facing a nurse shortage. This
means that nurses are in high demand and recent graduates find work very
quickly once they have completed all their requirements. Currently almost 70%
of registered nurses in Ontario are employed in nursing positions. This bodes
well for anyone who is considering becoming a nurse.  There a several ways one can search for a job
opening as a nurse. One can search for openings through job boards, hospital websites
and agencies.


Healthcare careers are
always evolving meaning there are opportunities for nurses to advance their
careers. A registered nurse can advance to become a nurse practitioner one he
or she has enough experience in the field. Nurse practitioners provide
opportunity for nurses to perform some duties similar to that of a doctor.
Duties and responsibilities of nurse practitioners depend on the province they
are employed. Advancing to a nurse practitioner leads to an increase in salary.
On the other hand, registered practical nurses have the opportunity to advance
to a registered nurse position.


mentioned before, working as a registered nurse can be financially
rewarding.  In Canada, the average salary
for nurses is between $50,000 to $90,000 depending on the speciality and years
of experience.  The salary increases to over
$100,000 for nurses who become nurse practitioners.  These salaries are higher than the national
average making nursing a rewarding career to work in.


Being part of health care means nurses are the forefront of
an individual’s determinant of health. Nurses are an integral part of many
health care services and carry on various duties which influence the health of
the population.  Nurses deliver care and provide
information to their clients which help in improving their health.  It is for this reason that nurses need to be familiar
with determinants of health in order to provide their clients with the best
service.  By addressing determinants of
health, nurses can positively impact health of the population.  In particular, nurses are encouraged to
educate themselves on socio-economic determinants of health and include these
factors during assessment of its clientele. 
By doing so, nurses can choose an appropriate intervention and community
services.  In addition, nurses can use
the obtained information from patients to advocate on their behalf through various
agencies. Relying on only physical symptoms is often not adequate for treating
and improving an individual’s health. 
Determinants of health nurses need to pay attention may include income,
employment and working condition, education, social status, culture, employment
and job security and social support.  
Diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are not only due to
personal (genetics, age) and physical (environment) determinants of health but
are also affected by socio-economical determinants of health such as income,
social support and employment conditions.

As frontier workers in health system, nurses witness the
effect of determinants of health on a daily basis. They see how some
individuals are affected more than others by the same disease and how recovery period
varies among these individuals. By focusing on both medical intervention and
other intervention based on social economic factors, the health care system can
vastly improve the healrh of an individual.