The Jordan River Essay

The Jordan River

            Jordan River is not only biblically and culturally significant. Being the water supplier for four countries namely Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, the river has indeed proved its worth not only to humans but also to other animal species relying on it as a riparian habitat.

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            Because of its good topography, Jordan River serves as a natural breeding and migrating location for neotropical birds, particularly songbirds, as well as other species from the same group. Jordan River serves as a habitat for twenty-three bird species that could be locally found in the area. It has also been noted that over 200 of these birds migrate to Jordan River yearly. Here, the birds mate and temporarily live within the area of the river until the winter period finishes. In addition to this, marine species can also be found in Jordan River. It has been observed that a total of seven native fish species live within the perimeters of the river. This includes common carps and suckers. In addition to this, a total number of sixteen exotic fish species were added in the river, which includes catfishes and perches.

            With these numbers, Jordan River acts as an ecological niche that caters the needs of various avian and marine species. Their current number as of are actually lacking as compared to the actual number of animal species that the river could maintain.  In fact, there are environmental movements to preserve the number of migratory birds in the river.

            In line with this, Jordan River also faces problems regarding shortage of water supply. The lack of other source for fresh water is the main reason behind this. In addition, conflicts between countries wanting to control Jordan River, such as Syria and Lebanon, is also one of the main concerns right now.

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