The it is okay to even question

The way the Earth was formed and created has been an
argument that has been around since the beginning of time. The argument is
based around three ideas; the creation story, Ovid`s poem “Metamorphoses”, and
the theory of the Big Bang. Each of these ideas on how the Earth and world was
created have different characteristics and people or things that they revolve

 Many people believe what they believe solely
because of what they were raised on. In many religions it is hard for someone
to start believing in something else, because of the threat that they would be
shunned from their own family or even worse be murdered for believing in
something else. In my opinion, what you believe in can have a strong impact on
the way that someone perceives things. In today’s world, people are very easily
persuaded to believe in something and ignore the facts and evidence that come
along with that belief. I myself believe in the creation story. I was raised on
this believing and I still believe in it to this day.

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In my opinion, I also believe
that it is okay to even question your own belief. I myself has even went
through a time of questioning, not just what I believe but all the facts that
come along with my belief. I believe that it is normal for someone to go
through a time of evaluating. Personally, I am the type of person who likes to
take a step back and evaluate things based on facts and what information has been
presented to me. I would like to start off by presenting the timeline between
Ovid`s poem and the creation story. According to the Bible, particularly in the
book of Acts, the name of Jesus was not to be spoken anymore, this was also
around the time of the Great fire in Rome which took place around 64 AD. Now I would
like to point out that Ovid`s poem was published in 8 AD, which would not be
too many years before the name of Jesus and the beliefs along with him were
banned. In my opinion, this brings up the idea that Ovid`s poem may have been
written around what was told in Genesis. For example, Ovid speaks of Jupiter
being angry and getting his brother to send a great flood, which relates to the
book of Genesis where God looked on the Earth and determined that it was
corrupt so he sent a great flood. This one example also shows how powerful God
is by merely just saying something and it was so, which is just as the video,
“God of Wonders”, states about his power. In my opinion, Ovid may have taken
what he heard and ran with it. Before the talk of Jesus was banned, it seemed
that anything was acceptable as long as people payed their dues and followed the
ruler. It would make sense for him to take what was going around and change it
into his own so people would follow him and listen to his stories. Then you
have the third idea, which is the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is a
theory that is even still changing to this day. From the start of hearing about
this theory I was very skeptical. In school, I learned about the Conservation
of Energy, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed only
changed. In many versions of the Big Bang is states how something was created
from nothing. This example goes on to prove to me why I am skeptical and do not
believe in the theory of the Big Bang.  I
also am skeptical because the ideas behind the Big Bang are constantly changing
and evolving. Scientists now believe something different, which is that the Big
Bang should be seen as a phase change. (Wolchover,2012) Overall, no matter what
you believe there will always be question because we all are humans. No person
is to be judged based on their beliefs, but to be respected of their beliefs because
that is something every human being is entitled to.