The is one of the values represented

The story took place in a isolated village deep in a valley. Jose was the only barber of the village and with that had the honor of cutting the hair of the men. Marilou was not only a caring wife to Jose, but she was also an apprentice to her husband’s profession. Jose later passed away, this gave Marilou the plan to become the next barber for the village. Unfortunately, despite her skill and recognition by the respected village priest. No man would trust a woman to cut their hair. This is one of the values represented in the film. Women’s place in society wasn’t only determined by male prejudice. In these past times it was also influenced by the needs of society. As shown in the film, women took care of house duties, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of their children. Marilou’s female friend talked about leaving the village and becoming a maid. Marilou responded in opposition to the conclusion of since you are a woman you are to become a maid (Lana, Jun). This scene showed the audience Marilou’s beliefs and the character she is in this time. She believed that she can do more as a women, and that she can do things as good- or even better than a man.Marilou later discovered one of her god sons is part of the rebellion against the local government. She did not support his actions due to his safety and untruthfulness to his aunt. With the aggression of the government towards the rebellions. The government took innocent lives, to shed a message of fear throughout the village. The fear drove Marilou to take initiative and to help protect her god son, and his group of rebels from death. With Marilou in connection with the mayor as his personal barber (Lana, Jun). She got close and later befriended the mayor’s wife Cecillia. A bond was being built between the two, as they both appear to understand and relate on each others lives. She learned of how the mayor treated her as a wife and person.  Cecillia took her own life in front of Marilou- which showed the misery she been experiencing in her life.The mayor summoned Marilou after he was notified of her wife taking her own life. At this point of the film, Marilou decides to take the powerful act of killing the mayor during a haircut. These actions were a clear display of Marilou’s moral values. Marilou housed rebels to allow them the continue their plans and to avoid having their lives at risk. She even killed the mayor due to his abuse towards his wife Cecilla- which led to her death (Lana, Jun).This film thrives on showing oppression of women in a small community. Specifically shown in the form of a woman, who finds a way to escape from this subjection. The last scene revealed the women Marilou, giving herself a new name. From there she is not bond by no one and is independent as a person. This begins her journey in search of a more equal world.