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The act of murdering or abusing an individual is considered a crime. In every country, there are laws established to ensure that anyone who is involved in the act of murder or abuse suffers the consequences. Why is the topic of murdering or abusing an animal ignored? Aren’t animals as important as humans? Millions of animals are mistreated through animal testing, industrial farming, general neglect and abuse in the entertainment industry, leading to the harm and death of animals. However, people continue to avoid taking action on this pressing issue. We need to stop this calamity.



Animal testing:

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Each year over 115 million animals including rats, mice, fish, frogs and rabbits are victims to animal testing globally. These experiments are conducted for medical research, drug development and cosmetic testing. Over the past few years, cosmetic testing has received a lot of criticism because people have become more exposed to the horrors of cosmetic testing. In cosmetic testing, animals have to undergo skin and eye irritation testing, repeated force feeding, and “lethal dose” tests, which are tested to determine the maximum dosage. The result of these test is blindness, swollen eyes, organ damage, internal bleeding and death. It is estimated that 100,000 to 200,000 animals die from cosmetic testing every year (Human Society International). Furthermore, animals tested for… are physically and mentally damaged through enduring inhumane treatment. The animals in the experiments are immobilized, burnt, starved, drowned, or isolated. In 2016, reports from the US Department of Agriculture stated that 71,370 animals suffered during testing because they were anesthetized. ( The corporations will do almost anything to gain the research that they need, even if it means leaving an animal in torment. It is more concerning that the excruciating pain that the animals have to endure during the testing process is pointless because animal testing is not totally reliable. The U.S Food and Drug administration (FDA) reports that 92% of drugs that are approved in animal experiments fail to receive approval in human experiments. Also, half of the drugs approved in animal testing are later on withdrawn because of lethal symptoms in humans. Animal testing is torturous for the animals and in the end not effective. 




Industrial Farming:


Worldwide, 99% of farm animals are involved in the industrial farming industry. Industrial farming is focused on increasing the efficiency and production rates and decreasing production costs. The industry will stop at nothing to achieve these goals. This includes unacceptable cruel treatment to farm animals such as cows. In the United States, there is an estimated 29 million cows that are slaughtered for meat and dairy products. (Peta) At a young age, ranchers brand (press hot iron on their skin), dehorn (horns are cut off) and castrate cattle (cutting off male calves’ testicles). Between the ages of six months and one year old, the cattle are transported to crowded feedlots. At these feedlots, the cows are stripped of everything that is natural to them. The cows are fed unnatural diets consisting of only grains and corn, causing breathing impairments, formation of ulcers and a severe condition called “acute acidosis”. (failure of ventilation). The cattle raised in farms are also regularly drugged. The drugs are used to ensure the rapid growth of the cattle and to keep the cattle alive. When the cows reach a duration in the feedlots, they are ready to be transported to slaughterhouses. The journey to the slaughterhouses are gruesome as the cows are transported in all types weather conditions without food or water. “In the summertime, when it’s 90,95 degrees, they’re transporting cattle from 1,200 to 1,500 miles away on a trailer, 40 to 45 head crammed in there” says former U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) veterinary inspector Dr. Lester. The animals suffering finally comes to an end when they are slaughtered in the slaughterhouses. Ramon Moreno, a former slaughterhouse worker, told The Washington Post the animals are conscious when slaughtered. “They blink. They make noises. The head moves, the eyes are wide and looking around…They die piece by piece” Moreno stated. (PETA) The procedures that the cattle farms follow is similar in chicken, pig and turkey farms where the major causes of suffering are overcrowding, neglect, physical alterations and abuse. It is estimated that over 56 billion animals in the United States suffer through these gruesome conditions every year.


Entertainment industry:


For centuries, the entertainment industry has prioritized their human desire for pleasure and entertainment rather than the welfare of animals. Circuses and Zoos are proof that the entertainment industry tolerates the abuse of animals. People all over the world view and learn the natural behaviors of animals in zoos.  However, most people are ignorant that animals are miserable in zoos. The zoo animals were once wild exotic animals that lived in their natural habits, but were captured, separated from their families and brought to zoos. In these zoos, the animals live in an environment where they cannot naturally behave. However, their suffering is not exposed to the public, so the visitors who come to view the animals are given false perceptions of the animal’s natural behaviors. The visitors are merely viewing fake and stunted behaviors of the animals. Similar to zoos, circuses are advertised to be colorful and fun, but the truth is the circus industry is abusive towards animals. Circus animals spend 96% of their life confined in cages and chains. The animals are only released from their cages and chains for the strenuous and abusive training they suffer through several times a day. The entertainment industry needs to be stopped. To save the animals, people need to expose the entertainment industry for their distasteful treatment of animals.




The most common form of animal abuse is animal neglect and abandonment. (Say something about this being done by normal people?) 32% of all reports of animal abuse cases are regarding the neglect and abonnement of animals. Animal neglect is the failure to provide sufficient food, water, medical care and shelter for an animal’s survival. In most cases, the owners do not purposely harm the animals, but there is lack the education and awareness needed to provide the animals with basic necessities. In contrast, deliberate abuse occurs when an individual harms an animal causing harm or the death of an animal. No matter the intentions of neglect, in both circumstance, the animals suffer. Moreover, on the more severe spectrum of neglect is animal hoarding, which is 13% of reported animal abuse cases. In animal hoarding the animals suffer extreme neglect as their owner possesses too many domestic animals to adequately care for each and every one of the them. The owner can not sufficiently provide the food, water, proper medical care and sanitary conditions the animals need. It is devastating that 250,000 animals fall victims to animal hoarding each year. These neglected animals cannot speak out for themselves, so it is crucial that