The Hosseini consists of many turning points;

The novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini consists of many turning points; one such turning point is the rape of Hassan. This turning point begins when Amir wins the kite tournament and Hassan runs after the blue kite. When Hassan is raped by Assef, Amir does not stop the rape from occurring and instead thinks about getting the blue kite that Hassan has in his hand. He only wants the kite to please his father and instead he is significantly impacted by his act of not stopping the rape. Amir feels guilty and shameful for not stopping Hassan’s rape and this feeling of guilt and shame shapes both Amir’s life and the outcome of the story. In the novel, Amir thinks that Hassan gets more attention from Baba than he does. This is the reason why Amir let the rape occur and after the rape, he says that Hassan “was just a Hazara, wasn’t he.” This reveals that Amir considers Hassan to be more of a servant than a friend, which portrays how much respect and importance he actually gave to Hassan. After the night of the rape, much tension builds up. Amir feels paralyzed by what he saw; he just wishes that Hassan would leave, so he can finally be at peace. This shows how much Amir is affected by his action of not acting; he cannot even live around Hassan without remembering the night.  Hassan knows that Amir has witnessed the rape and did not do anything. This shows that Hassan is a kind and forgiving person; this causes Amir to feel more guilty and shameful because Hassan forgives him for not stopping the rape from occurring. This takes a lot of strength to do and Hassan portrays this strength. Even after being forgiven, Amir’s relationship with Hassan  changes because of the guilt he feels.Amir is so deeply affected by the rape that he could not stand living with Hassan anymore. He even tried to make it seem as if Hassan stole money and a watch from him. This shows that Amir’s life is not being affected by the presence of Hassan, but by the memory of the night of the rape. He feels guilt and shame everytime he sees Hassan. Once Ali finds out about Hassan being raped, he decides not to live with Baba. As Hassan and his father loaded their belongings into Baba’s vehicle, Amir realizes that this was going to be the last time he sees Hassan in person. Due to the war, Amir and Baba are forced to move to America. Once in America, Amir starts a whole new life and begins a family. Even though he started a new life, Amir is not able to let go of the guilt he felt for not helping Hassan. He keeps thinking back to the old times in Kabul where he grew up. No matter how hard he tries to forget about the rape of Hassan, he keeps having dreams about the night of the rape. Once finding out about Hassan’s death, Amir knew he had to do something to help himself cope with the guilt. He adopted Sohrab, Hassan’s son, so he can feel less guilty for not helping Hassan. He wants give Sohrab a better life in America. Even though adopting Sohrab would not allow Amir to feel guilt free, it does allow him to redeem himself a little.  Without the turning point of Hassan getting raped, the story would not have been the same. Amir would not have anything to feel guilty and shameful for and his relationship with Hassan would be different. Ali and Hassan would not have moved out of Baba’s house and Amir may not have adopted Sohrab many years later. This turning point caused Amir to adopt Sohrab because he wanted to redeem himself for not helping Hassan. The turning point of Hassan getting raped affects Amir the most. It has affected Amir for the rest of his life to the extent that he has flashbacks many years later in a different country, where he starts a new life. This turning point changes Amir as a person; it makes him feel guilty and shameful for the rest of his life. These feelings cause his relationship with Hassan to change, which shows that Amir is deeply affected by his action. He even adopts Hassan’s son once Hassan passes away, which shows that Amir is trying to make up for the mistake he had made. This outcome of the story would not have resulted if Hassan did not get raped. Through this turning point, readers can learn that one mistake a person makes can change his or her life forever.