The History of our addiction Essay

Bass Fishing is one of America’s most famous pass times and started with very humble beginnings. Bass fishing became popular soon after George W. Perry caught a twenty-two pound four once largemouth bass. In those days he was only fishing to put food on the table, and his only reward was seventy five dollars in store bought goods as first prize for field and steam magazines fishing contest. This bass set the record in America for bass fishing and has stood for almost fifty years. The official measurements were taken in Helena, Georgia.

Bass fishing has sense evolved from what George Perry was used to and is now aided by many newer inventions such as artificial lures and advanced fishing reels. None of these fishing, but were adapted by the fishermen themselves. Bass fishing became more widespread as more and more rivers were dammed for hydroelectricity purposes. As these dams polluted the water they killed most of the river’s trout and salmon. Bass were then imported to replace the trout and to help sustain the ecosystems around these dams. This was an excellent opportunity for fishermen, and was taken full advantage of.

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Bass fishing has now become so widespread that people of many different ages, and nationalities take part in this wonderful sport. Many people would agree that bass fishing is a wonderful way to spend time, and has greatly influenced life in America. Whether its a day of fishing on the lake or a family outing, bass fishing has stolen the hearts of many Americans today. Many people however, catch fish for sport or sell them for money. These people are the reason that bass fishing has evolved so much. If it was not for these people’s continuous want for an easier way, there would be no bass specific tools to aid America’s most beloved sport.

Ever since, it has slowly gained followers of all ages and many nations. Today, in countries as far flung as Australia, Cuba, South Africa, the United States and most of Europe, there are people who take part in bass fishing. Way back in the late eighteenth century, some estimate it was right around 1769, plus or minus a year, was the birth of modern bass fishing. It was at that time that Onesimus Ustonson developed and introduced the multiplying reels that he had invented.

Those people who enjoyed fishing, latched onto the new reels. Later they evolved into the bait caster. A little over a century later, a Mr. William Shakespeare Jr. no relation to the playwright! ) creates a level wind device for fishing and is granted a patent for it in 1897. Less than twenty years later, in 1915, the William J. Jamison Company began production of the Shannon Twin Spinner. It was a bit overly ornamental, but still an excellent reel. And, it eventually led to the creation of our modern spinner bait reels. The next major step in bass fishing had nothing to do with inventing, and everything to do with politics and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. A rather large portion of the Appellations was poor and very rural, lacking even the most basic of necessities.

One of Roosevelt’s programs was the creation, in 1932, of Tennessee Valley Authority. Its function was to provide electricity for vast areas of the Appellations. To that end, they built numerous dams for the purpose of generating hydroelectric power. As a result, numerous lakes were created. Later, those same lakes were used for the culturing of many varieties of bass fish. Then, in 1937, the DuPont Company filed for a patent on a new type of fishing net they had created out of nylon. Later, it was realized, the material was perfect for use as a monofilament fishing line.

From there, the sport only continued to grow. The 1950’s saw what many consider to be bass fishing’s most robust period of success. It was from this time that most of the modern fishing equipment developed. With bass fishing enjoying such popularity, it was easy for firms to invest in research and development. The results were such items as: bass boats, rods, lines, lures and other types of fishing equipment. Eventually, electronic gears were incorporated into the reels. Also, different types of reels with specific functions, such as hoisting and hauling, were developed. Then, in 1992, bass fishing hit a new high.

In that year, the famous fisherman Larry Nixon won a total of one million dollars for the sport! The bass industry has continued to grow and improve over the years. Today, it contributes fifty to seventy billion dollars annual to the U. S. economy, and those numbers are projected to continue to grow. Based on an analysis of the audience for bass fishing, its demographics, more and more people are becoming interested in it when compared to such sports as golf and tennis. A man by the name of Onesimus Ustonson began the first documented development in the history of bass fishing.

He was the first bass fisherman to invent a multiplying fishing reel. Soon after the release of his invention, another inventor introduced a reel called the Shannon Twin Spinner. The latter is the basis for the spinner bait reels we have today. The next progression in the history of bass fishing began with Roosevelt’s New Deal. Because so many dams were created during this period of time in an effort to harness electricity, quite a few recreational lakes were produced. These then became science experiments focused on culturing a variety of different bass fish. This was a major break-through for the sport.

After a newly invented nylon net was released in 1937, fishermen realized this material was also ideal for creating reinforced fishing line. [->0] Because so many new fishing products were being released, it sport fishing for bass became an incredibly addicting and much less frustrating past-time. The height of the history of bass fishing was defined by this influx of modern fishing equipment. The history of bass fishing culminated in the early 90’s after people realized that the sport could also become a profitable endeaver. Since then, its popularity has risen considerably ever since the very begining.