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The Strange Case of Alfred BurtooOn account of the many military establishments based there the town of Aldershot in Hampshire is known as “The Home of the British Army.” Consequently many military veterans live in the town. One such veteran was Alfred Burtoo. As a young man in the 1920s Alfred Burtoo had served in the Queen’s Royal Regiment and later, during World War II, he had fought with the Hampshire Regiment. Before settling down o a peaceful retirment in Aldershot the old soldier had lived a colourful life including a period living in the Canadian outback where he hunted bears and fought wolves. Not just a man of action Mr Burtoo was also a well respected historian.  The night of August the 12th, 1983 was warm and fine. Alfred Burtoo, by this time 77 years of age, decided to take advantage of the fine weather to indulge in his hobby of night fishing. Accompanied by his faithful dog, Tiny, Mr Burtoo left his home in the North Town area at around 12:15 am. The pair made their way along the quiet streets to their favoured fishing spot, an area on the Basingstoke Canal around 120 yards north of the Gasworks Bridge. An experienced fisherman Mr Burtoo quickly made himself comfortable before beginning to enjoy the silence of the night. Apart from the local wildlife he and Tiny were completely alone. This tranquillity wasn’t to last. Around fifteen or so minutes after the nearby Buller Barracks gong had rung for 1:00am Mr Burtoo decided to pour himself a cup of tea from his Thermos flask. As he did so the fisherman noticed a brilliant bright light in the sky. After watching the light for a few minutes Mr Burtoo determined that the light was not a planet or star shining particularly brightly. The bright light was moving. It appeared to be descending from the sky. Curious Mr Burtoo lit a cigarette and watched as the light continued its descent. The strange noise which accompanied the craft also intrigued Mr Burtoo. He reasoned that it was possibly some form of helicopter connected to one of Aldershot’s many military bases. Eventually the light appeared to land somewhere out of Mr Burtoo’s direct sight, further along the canal towpath. It was only when his loyal dog Tiny started to whine furiously did Mr Burtoo realise that all was not well. Unlike his master Tiny’s attention had never left the bright light and its landing site. Now the little dog was clearly agitated, glaring and growling at the darkness. After a moment of staring into the darkness Mr Burtoo saw two figures emerge. They were purposefully walking towards him. The pensioner later described the figures as being “about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot”. The figures also “had helmets of the same colour with a visor that was blacked out.” Now that they had Mr Burtoo’s attention the two figures stopped walking. Instead they silently gestured for the pensioner to follow them. Not a man who was easily scared Mr Burtoo calmly set down his cup of tea and followed the figures along the towpath towards the bright light. Mr Burtoo later explained his actions, reasoning that he “was 77 and didn’t have much to lose”. As he followed the figures towards the light Mr Burtoo realised that it was not a helicopter but a saucer shaped craft.  Still following the two figures Mr Burtoo climbed up the steps into the craft. He found himself inside a black, metallic octagonal chamber. The ceiling was so low that Mr Burtoo was forced to stoop. He also noticed that there was a slight smell which he likened to decaying meat. Despite his interest in his new surroundings Mr Burtoo could see no buts or bolts or any seams that would indicate how it had been assembled. When later recounting his experience the pensioner would say that “what did interest me most of all was a shaft that rose up from the floor to the ceiling. The shaft was about four feet in circumference, and on the right-hand side stood two forms similar to those that walked along the towpath with me.” As Mr Burtoo took in this strange interior one of the beings crossed the room positioning itself between the pensioner and the door, presumably preventing his departure.Meanwhile the other being ordered Mr Burtoo to stand under an orange light. Upon doing so Mr Burtoo felt a sensation which suggested that the light was scanning him. During this process the being proceeded to ask Mr Burtoo his age. He would later describe it as having a “sing song” voice with an accent that sounded like a mixture of “Chinese and Russian”. Upon learning that Mr Burtoo was 77 the being dismissed him, telling Mr Burtoo that he was “too old and infirm for out purposes.” The confused pensioner duly climbed down from the saucer and returned to his fishing spot and, by now cold, cup of tea.From the towpath Mr Burtoo watched as, with a whining noise similar to that of an electric generator, the craft started up. The light it omitted was so bright that Mr Burtoo could see his fishing float in the water around six feet away. The craft proceeded to lift into the sky before taking off at a very high speed over the military cemetery. It quickly disappeared from view. Once again alone Mr Burtoo resumed his fishing reasoning that it was too good a night to waste and that the story of his encounter could wait for a few hours.Later that night, at around 2:00 am Mr Burtoo thought that he saw the saw light moving over the Hogs Back area of the town. As calmly as he had appeared to take the situation Alfred Burtoo must no doubt have been relieved when dawn broke at about 3:30 am. Later that morning, at around 10:00 am two figures once again joined Mr Burtoo on the towpath. This time however they were recognisably human, two mounted Ministry of Defence policemen. Stopping their horses the men proceeded to chat to Mr Burtoo about his fishing. Mr Burtoo also reportedly told the men that he had seen a UFO to which one of the policemen replied that it was probably “checking on our military installations”.  Mr Burtoo continued fishing until around 12:30pm before deciding to return home.Upon arriving home Mr Burtoo’s wife Marjorie and a friend who was visiting the house at the time noticed that he was acting differently. Reluctantly Mr Burtoo told them that he had seen a UFO. However he initially kept back some of the more outlandish details, such as his time on board the craft, for fear that they would not believe him. Mr Burtoo also told his son the abbreviated version of his encounter. Two days later Mr Burtoo returned to the landing site, curious to see if he could find evidence to prove that his encounter had really happened. He noticed that the foliage where the UFO had landed was flattened as if something had sat there. However no photographs or soil samples were taken. With no firm proof Mr Burtoo remained reluctant to report the evidence as he feared that nobody would believe him. Mr Burtoo was eventually persuaded to report his encounter to the authorities after learning that an American serviceman had reported seeing a craft in the same area. The investigation which followed produced no results. There were no witnesses to corroborate Mr Burtoo’s story. The occupants a nearby bungalow, which partly overlooked the area were away at the time and the military policemen he had spoken to could not be traced. There was also no evidence of a craft landing at the site. Mr Burtoo himself had no physical marks. Unlike other people who experience a close encounter Mr Burtoo did not seem to suffer any of the usual effects, such as nausea, diarrhoea, loss of time or temporary paralysis. However those close to him noted that, in the days following the encounter, Mr Burtoo’s manner was noticeably different. He also suffered from a loss of appetite. While some have sought to disparage Mr Burtoo’s encounter as a dream or an exaggeration many have found this case hard to dismiss. To all who met him Alfred Burtoo was a level headed gentleman who had no prior interest in UFOs or alien technology. This lack of interest combined with his reluctance to share his story, Mr Burtoo never approached the press however the story did eventually leak out, only adds credence to the case. Until their dying days both Mr Burtoo and his wife insisted stuck by the story of his close encounter. Despite being visibly shaken Mr Burtoo would comment that this event was “the greatest experience of my life.”