The Dead Poets’ Society Essay

Dear the Board of Directors

I would like to express my opinion on some matters of which involves Mr. Keating, and Neil Perry’s death. According to many of the students here at Welton, Mr. Keating was responsible for Neil’s death, however this is largely inaccurate. Mr. Keating did nothing to contribute to Neil’s death, he only gave children advice, of which Neil took to the extreme. The real person to blame in this matter, is Neil’s father. Mr. Perry was extremely overbearing and harsh on Neil.

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Neil had one major dream, and that was to be an actor. Neil kept going on about how his dad never let him do anything he ever wanted, and when Neil had any extracurricular activities that he was interested in, his father always crushed that idea, and forced Neil to quit the next day. In my opinion, Mr. Keating did not lead Neil to his death. If he never met Mr. Keating, Neil would still have committed suicide, because from what I have witnessed, Neil was a fairly weak person. Mr. Keating told our class “carpe diem.” Obviously this means “seize the day,” and some of my classmates disregarded this as just another dead term teachers use, some of them took this saying to the extreme, such as Neil. Neil thought that he could disobey the rules, and disobey his father, simply because he should “seize the day,” which shows that this was Neil’s fault, not Mr. Keating’s.

In my opinion, you should re-hire Mr. Keating. He was the best teacher that we had, and poses no threat to any other children. His teaching methods worked extremely well, and I do not think that you could possibly find a teacher who taught as well as he did. What happened with Neil was a one time thing, and it would have happened with, or without, Mr. Keating teaching our class. However Neil’s father is completely to blame, and Mr. Keating should not get punished for what he did not do.

Todd Anderson