The Dangers of Cell Phone Use Essay

Running head: The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving In Your Vehicle1 The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving: Time To Re-Evaluate Joseph L. Carter Strayer University The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving In Your Vehicle2 Abstract This paper is here to engage the audience in the matter, or should I say, the dangers of cell phone use, while operating your vehicle. Driving while utilizing your cell phone more than triples the risk of a severe auto accident and heightens the risk of a fatal situation.

It is not a matter of how great you drive, if the other driver is not driving as professional or as careful as he should, especially when using a cell phone and not paying attention. We, as drivers, are put in danger by their actions. The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving In Your Vehicle3 The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving in Your Vehicle Is It Safe Or Not For those of us behind the wheel of our vehicle, there is a chance we have been distracted by something that takes our attention away from the open road.

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In some cases we were that driver who has turned away to look at what edition of today’s newspaper the paper man is selling from his paper stand on wheels, to what type of flowers the gentleman is selling from the island in the middle of the highway, or to view the beautiful Halloween decorations in a neighbor’s yard that caught our eye. Possibly it was or to turn around to yell at the kids for fighting over what to put in the DVD player. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has noted that the No. 1 source of Inattention is the use of a wireless device due to texting or phone use.

The (NHTSA) estimates that 25 to 32 percent of all police reported car accidents stem from distracted drivers using their cell phones. Drivers that use cell phones are four times as likely to get into car accidents, some serious enough to injure themselves as well as other drivers (NHTSA 2010). Some say that cell phones are very valuable when it come to our daily routine. I have taken a consensus at my place of employment by asking my co-workers if they feel that cell phone use in your car, truck minivan while driving is important or hazardous. The feedback that I received was mixed.

It seems that 47 percent of my co-workers asked said that driving and using one’s cell phone is definitely hazardous; however, the other 57 percent feel that they can drive and talk, text, email etc. I have been told that it is like second nature to them because they have been doing it for so long. Nationwide Insurance Company has conducted “New On Your Side Survey “and with the data they have received verifies with concrete cell phone driving The Dangers Of Cell Phone Use While Driving In Your Vehicle4 statistics that the general assumption is strong public support for legislation to restrict cell phone usage while driving.

Nationwide’s results are that 8 in 10 drivers support some type of cell phone usage while operating a vehicle. Eighty percent of those who took the survey support a ban on texting while driving; 67 percent of those which is roughly to thirds of the survey takers say that they are very supportive of laws restricting phone calls while driving. Of those who took the survey 3 in 4 believe the law should apply to all drivers not just specific groups. As the number of people who own cell phone continues to grow, so should the concern for the distraction and dangers that cell phones produce in a full operation vehicle.

My main concern with this cell phone usage is that I am that other driver who is riding along side of that distracted while driving individual in the 2010 Ford F150 with the super hemi, inside the car with me is my family the youngest is 2 and the oldest is16, the only concern is getting us to and from our destination safely and in one piece. I have seen many accidents about to occur from the inattentiveness of a driver on his/her cell phone, and in the back of my mind I say to myself, “I never want to be on the other end of that situation that could be serious or fatal.

I stated earlier in my paper that the (NHTSA) stated that 25 to 32 percent of reported accidents are a direct result of cell phone usage while driving. (NHTSA) has reported that each year more than 42,000 live are killed and more than 3 million are injured in more than 6 million motor vehicle accidents on our nation’s highways. With that said I cannot stress enough the importance of not being distracted while driving (DWD), so if we as a people, a community, or as an individual can pass the word onto those who do not see the use of a cell phone while driving as a distraction and a danger; than we as drivers are in trouble.

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