The comes from the city’s name which

The name of our hotel is called Hilton St. Petersburg. “Hilton”
comes from the Hilton Worldwide which shows we will become a new property of
Hilton Hotels & Resorts. “St. Petersburg” comes from the city’s name which
is professional, region-related and easy to be remembered. (Hilton, 2017)

As the research we had done among our location and over
St. Petersburg, there are not a lot of chain hotels in the city, most of the
hotels are independent. However, we had discussed and found out that there are
a lot of advantages to become an international chain hotel especially when
there are not a lot of chain hotels surrounding. And base on the situation of
the city, which the price overall of the city is not very high, we decided to
become a four-star hotel. As well, in order to get more profit, which we need
to open to the international market, business hotel became a good choice.
Consider of these factors and combine with searching an international chain
hotel brand, Marriott and Hilton will be a good option. However, there is
already a Marriott hotel in the city, we decided to become part of the Hilton

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St. Petersburg is considered as a 4-star business hotel. Hilton Worldwide
Standards should be followed.

Mission: “To
fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality by delivering exceptional
experience every hotel, every guest, every time.”


Vision: “To
be the most hospitable company in the world by creating heartfelt experience
for Guests, meaningful opportunities for Team Members, high values for Owners
and a positive impact in our Communities.”


(Hilton Worldwide, 2017)

Size & Facilities

of the hotel: 1500m2


Single rooms:

·      10 single standard room (26m2)

·      10 single deluxe room (30m2)

double rooms:

·      100 double standard room (35m2)

·      60 double deluxe room (40m2)


·      Valet Parking: We do not have a Valet parking. However,
there is a paid parking area next to our hotel. It is not from a certain
parking company. It will cooperate with our business to give a discounted rate
to our in-house guests at 5.- per day instead of 10.- as it is used to be.

·      Executive Floor: We do not have the executive floor.
However, due to our Hilton Honors, we have complimentary
happy hour from 3-5PM in our restaurant for the royal guests.

·      Conference Room: The conference room in our hotel is
in 5 partitions. It can be used for meetings, wedding or other events requested
by the guests. We also rent our conference center for the outsource companies
and/or guests when the conference room is available.

·      General Kitchen: Our general kitchen mainly prepares
the food for our restaurant and conference room requested.

·      Business Center: our business center is just next to
the reception in the lobby. We offer complimentary business use included
computers and WIFI to in house guests. However, printing documents will be
extra charges.

·      Restaurant: Our restaurant offers buffet breakfast,
lunch and dinner. A la cart menu is available during the whole day.

·      Fitness Center: all in house guests have the access to
our gym which includes an indoor pool and sauna facilities.


Floor Plan

– 2nd to 12nd
Floor: 18 rooms per floor

– 1st
Floor: Conference Room, General Kitchen, F/Kitchen Office

– Ground
Floor: Lobby (FO, Back Office), Business center and Restaurant

– Mezzanine
Floor: HR, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting offices, Cafeteria
(separate kitchen), Lockers, HSK (including office)

– Basement:
Storage and Security



Luggage delivery to the room

Luggage room

Wi-Fi internet

Rent of the Conference Hall for an additional

Reference information Service

“Wake Up Call”

Newspaper and Magazines

Copy and Fax services

Ironing Facilities

Taxi Call, Transfer

Visa Support

Organization of excursion trips

Guide Service

Long-distance and International calls

Tickets booking services

Shuttle bus


Worldwide is one of the biggest international hotel group in the world with
more than 5000 properties in 103 Countries. Joining Hilton Worldwide under the
Brand of Hilton Hotels & Resorts will be a big advantage for us as a 4-star
business hotel.

Hilton has a
very famous and mature customer Loyalty Program which is called “Hilton
Honors”. This Loyalty Program will help our hotel to get a great amount of
international business guests.

As an
International and Worldwide Brand with a mature training and developing plan.
It’s also easier for us to have experienced team members and giving standard

Hilton Honors Program Benefits

– 4 Levels
of membership:  Blue, Silver, Gold,

– Member
Benefits: extra bonus points, free 5th night stay, digital check-in,
late check-out, 2nd guest stays free, guaranteed discount (depends
on the level of membership), complimentary internet.


v     Location













Saint Petersburg,
Russia. (Googlemap, 2017)

is, to be exact, a group of seven islands, considered the oldest district and
almost the birthplace of Saint Petersburg, with a population of around 135,000
(as of 2017) on a territory of approximately 20km2. In the modern
time, this district is one of the most fascinating part of the city for
tourists as well as for locals. It pulls in many visitors with its different
museums, parks, places for entertainments and luxury and boutique hotels. Each
building is a genuine work of art, and they are at every step so people will
never feel bored there.

There are
certain reasons to regard this location as the best option within Saint
Petersburg. First and foremost, as easily seen below, Petrogradsky is situated
at the center of the city. Since the hotel mainly focuses on business
customers, this will become handy for the clients to move around. Moreover,
provided with a magnificent view at the Gulf of Finland, the district is also “a major international port and tourist destination, with
tourists flocking there in May and June for the legendary “White
Nights,” during which the sun seems to never set” (,
2017). A
lot of goods trading activitities happen here every year.

In the meanwhile, our
4-star hotel is located on the Kamennoostrovsky avenue – one of the main roads
on the biggest island of Petrogradsky District. Like all central ones, even
though it is densely built up and populated, Kamennoostrovsky is still
stunningly beautiful. Being regarded amongst the most well-favoured in the
city, it is also one of the noisiest and busiest streets of Petrogradsky, just
as lively as Moscow’s and New York’s, which is very much suitable for doing

Avenue, Petrogradsky, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Googlemap, 2017)

the transportation is relatively good. The district offers all types of ground
transport and a total of 5 subway stations. However, the only way to leave the
island is through bridges. In addition to that, there witnesses serious traffic
jams during rush hours due to frequent roads reconditioning. Being aware of
those disadvantages, the hotel being supposed to locate on Kamennoostrovsky
avenue becomes more reasonable. It will take no longer than 3 minutes to get to
the nearest bridge named Troitskyi and besides, for people who would like to
have some leisure time, they can also use boats to cross the river, and revel
in its stunning view and ancient but vibrant atmosphere.

Last but not
least, the guests would find it easier to access the hotel from the Saint
Petersburg Airport – Pulkovo and vice versa. It takes only 40 minutes,
maximumly within 1 hour to reach the airport from the hotel location, to be
more specific.















District, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Googlemap, 2017)