The by day. To fulfill this increasing

The demand of milk is increasing day by
day. To fulfill this increasing demand in tropical, subtropical areas and Pakistan
the trend of commercial dairy
farming in increasing. At these commercial dairy
farms most of animals are of exotic blood e.g Holstein Friesian. Due to
environment variation the milk production loss is 25 to 30 % in Pakistani
environment as compare to their production in their native areas.

For the smooth and economical running of
farm, the reproductive health of animal must be sound. The top ranking
reproductive issues of these animals are metritis,
dystocia, vaginal laceration at the time of
parturition, Embryonic or fetal losses and repeat breeding.

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Prolapse of uterus, vagina and rectum is
not a common issue at commercial dairy farms. Among prepartum and postpartum prolapse,
postpartum is most common in nature. Etiologies of these Prolapse are genetics,
feeding and managemental issues. Prolapse and eversion of urinary bladder is
also reported in dairy animals but its parlance is very low. We document here
is a case of partially everted urinary bladder in which cow was treated
successfully and both calf and dam survived.

A 29 months and 13 days old cow of 500 kg
body weight was reported at sapphire dairy private limited with protruding mass
from her vagina and dystocia. This cow has first parity. She has been placed in
maternity area with free excess to water and feed all the time and she was on
normal close up diet.

Physical examination revealed a normal rectal
temperature (38.2° c) pulse rate of 80 beats per minute.

Examination of the protruding mass
revealed the structure to be about 18 cm diameter. It was hyperemic. On the
upper aspect and anterior extremity two nipple like projections are seen which
are formed by folds of mucosal membranes and representing the orifices of the
ureters. It was confirmed by vaginal examination that mass was protruding from
urethral opening and was thought to be the everted urinary bladder. There was
no evidence of tear on vaginal floor. The wall of bladder became
thickened.Vaginal examination also revealed a live calf in normal presentation,
position and posture.

At this time we decided to remove the
live calf first and then deal with everted bladder. The calf was in normal presentation,
position and posture and delivered with little assistance 

After this we tried to decrease the size
of thickened wall of bladder with the application of cold water, ice and
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate but there is no significant effect.  Then we performed Epidural block by 8ml of 2%
lignocaine and dose was repeated two time more at interval of half hour total amount
of anesthetic used is 24 ml. Diameter of urethral opening was increased by 2cm
incisions on both left and right lateral sides of urethral orifice.  Using lubricated finger with the help of
liquid paraffin we pushed back the everted mass which retained inside. After
this incisions were closed by placing 3 simple continues sutures using catgut
on both sides. After this Potassium per magnate (KMNO4) was sprayed on operated
area. Ampicillin had been used for 5 days as antibiotic and Flunixin and
meglumine as anti-inflammatory also for 5 days. Daily cleansing of wound was
done with the help of Lugol’s Iodine solution.

Cow is in stable condition. At first two
to three days there is mild straining at time of urination but from third day
cow was urinating completely normal. Now urination, defecation, feeding and
milk production is completely normal.