The around the mat, even included what

artwork “Theire Sitting at meate” by
John White, depicts two natives with inaccurate human anatomy sitting on
a mat, uncomfortably eating in front of a wooden bowl. The bowl is filled with
what seems to be an average Native Indian meal of hulled/boiled corn.  The painting is atmosphere-less with no
concept or idea of what the area surrounding them is like. The focus is the two
Native Indians and nothing else.

artworks of John White and Theodore de Bry depict two Native Indians sitting
and eating are very similar despite the additions Bry added. John White has the
two sitting across each other wearing traditional clothing. The woman has her
hair pulled back neatly, wearing three beaded necklaces and an apron, made of
what is most likely deerskin, decorated in fringes. The man on the other hand
has two simple feather earrings, a mohawk and a single feather sticking up out
of his hair. He is depicted wearing clothes also most likely made from deerskin,
that passes over one shoulder and down to his mid-thighs. The two of the Native
Indians look to be having a mutual meal, relaxing and enjoying a peaceful

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in “Theire Sitting at meate” by
Bry, has included several embellishments based on John White’s watercolor. For
starts Bry included dirt and grass in the areas around the mat, even included
what seems to be water behind them. Besides including the area surrounding them
Bry included a gourd to hold water, a pip, a stack of corn, a fish, a walnut, a
shell, and what I believe is a tobacco pouch. He includes all this due to the description
by Hariot that went along. According to the Virginia Foundation for the
Humanities the passage included says the Native Indians were “verye
sober in their eatinge, and trinkinge drinking, and consequentlye verye longe
lived because they doe not oppress nature.” In addition to these
embellishments Bry also corrects the anatomy and posture of the two, to be more
realistic, relaxed, and casual. In addition to giving the illusion of depth
with much more realistic shadows and highlights to the composition. The two of
their faces are put up against the white of what seems to be a river, so your
eyes go their primarily, then following down to the meal and them sitting on
the mat.

White was originally depicting the Native Indians culture, diets, habits, and
lives along with the indigenous plants and animals that surrounded the area.
The illustrations were to show Europeans what the “New World” was like. John
White depicts the Native Indians has been far from the European standard. Lacking
the European ideals of beauty. While Theodor de Bry’s later made engravings were
created for a 1590 book about the “New World” published in English,
French, German and Latin. He purposely changed the facial structure and
positions of the two to make the Indians look more European. The viewership of
Bry wanted an ideal image of the New World, rather than the less than ideal version
John White painted.