The and wealth. They took their ivory

The first L of colonialism is Land, there is so much to do with land when it comes to Kenya being colonized by the British Empire. The British had no intention to colonize Kenya until they saw through the land, they saw how the country would benefit them. After winning over control of Kenya they exploited their land. They took and used all their resources and had no hesitation to steal their goods and wealth. They took their ivory and gold and became wealthy off of these resources. They used their land for farming since Kenya had the perfect climate and soil for European settlement. The coastline of Kenya was a place for trading, the Britains took this advantage to trade and sell products made by british industrie. Lastly the Britains used Kenya and their land to build, the labourers from India came to Kenya were used to build the Uganda Railway. The railway was on of the most authentic strategic railway to be built during that time. Thousands died building this railway while the remaining made it out alive, some decided to stay rather than return back to their land.    The second L of colonialism is Labor, many Africans and Indians were used for labor in Kenya. They were used to build and farm, railways, bridges, dams, and roads as well as clearing forests. Most of this was forced labor, it was the most reliable mean to secure labor. Som Africans were paid for a small price while some were paid nothing but forced to work. There wasn’t much violence or brutality besides protesting from the Kikuyu people. They were preservative of their land and protective. Any Arab slave trader who ventured in their land/ territory would lead them to be instantly killed. The Kikuyu people was a society to fight for freedom, they have raided and damaged white settlers crops and farming as a kind of protest. This feud between the Britains, white settlers and the Kikuyu people lasted for about eight years. As the Kikuyu fought for freedom of labor and slavery this lead to decolonization. 1942 is when members from different tribes (kikuyu, Embu, Meru) took an oath to fight for freedom and unity to from the British Rule. This was called the Mau Mau movement, Jomo Kenyatta was incharge of the Mau Mau but in 1953, he was later sentenced to seven years in prison. Kenya was put under emergency due to rebellion and disobeying the British rule. Some were confined in detention camps. The Mau Mau’ s  uprising convinced the British that agriculture, social and political would be better and should be required. Later in 1957 the British agreed to the group and added into their Legislative for Native Leaders to be in elections. Later through the years Africans were able to work with the British to plan the country and lead to independence.  A constitution was produced in 1963 created an election which took place in May.  The Kenya National Union won most votes and made Kenyatta their first prime minister of their country, who had been released from prison two years ago from then.  Finally Kenya had gained their freedom for independence. Kenya is a country that has been fighting for their rights and freedom for several years and went through many sacrifices for the year of 1963, the year they finally got the freedom they wanted. Thanks to these ethnic groups in Kenya (Mau Mau, Kikuyu) who fought and rebelled against the British rule, the country had a better advantage of freedom.These groups also helped with slavery by saving them from the brutal work and struggle they were going through. Many African and even Asians laboured building and farming for the British and usually never got paid but were treated so poorly. It’s a great feeling for all the Africans to gain back their land and all their valuables after the British exploiting their land and taking their resources.  Africans learned from slavery to create products that are British standards or even better since they learned new techniques and tools. Learning about colonization in Kenya gave me a better look into all backgrounds and how people went through so much during those times; how many people went through so much to fight for independence. I got to learn how Kenya became an official republic and how the country name originated from so long ago, it’s still not official of how the country named Kenya came to be. The more I read about the country Kenya, the more interesting facts I learned and would have never guessed.NOTES