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The Starbucks Corporation was founded by English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. The company started as a single store and grew into multi-billion company known worldwide. Their mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” ( Starbucks also offers a selection of premium teas and pastries. The main idea of the CEO was to bring the Italian Concept of coffeehouses to the US, and it is clear that he has succeeded.Starbucks positions itself as a premium coffee retailer and has a strong and well-known brand image.  Starbucks market is both the middle and upper class.  One of the main reasons the company has been so successful is because they focus on the quality of both drinks and pastries.  The Starbucks’ image and brand has been one of the key elements to their success.  Consumers are willing to pay for the product and believe that if the price is high, the quality should be high as well.  According to White, Starbucks major competitors include Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s.  However, Starbucks still managed to take over and became the most successful chain in the coffee business by using their aggressive expansion strategy to push out their competition.  They are the current  leader in the retail coffee market and have 12,500 shops all over the United States. Below is a table comparing the number of stores and employees the US,number of drinks, and annual revenue between Starbucks and its major competitors:Number of stores in United StatesSells drinks a yearNumber of employees Year revenueStarbucks 27,000 3 billion 254,00022.39 billion USDDunkin Donut 8,500 1.9 billion76,500828.9  million USDMcDonalds14,0001 billion 375,0008.25 billionUSDNumber of stores rounded up to nearest thousandsThey have succeeded because of their outstanding marketing strategies such as:Innovation.  They always add new drinks, new flavors, and new pastries.  According to Wall Street Journal,they have offered more than 87,000 drink combinations over the years.  Large  selection allows customers to get exactly what they want.Product positioning.  They have positioned themselves in the way that it can distinguish their products from competitors, which gives them a huge advantage.  Their positioning strategy is customer orientated, that is why they give the best customer service. Customer Satisfaction.  Starbucks does everything to make their customers happy, comfortable, and relaxed.  Relaxing atmosphere, nice music, and friendly smiles, it is a perfect combination for a complete satisfaction of a customer.  Design.  They have unique cup design with the logo of twin-tailed siren from Greek Mythology.  It evolves continuously with the company, which helps them stay unique and attracts needed attention.  This product strategies helped them to maintain market leadership and built trustful relations with their customers.  They are unique and very affective, that is why they are able to beat their competitors, and to become the leader in the coffee industry.  Starbucks has succeeded in giving a new meaning to the coffee industry.