The also renowned as Wi-Max which support

The 802.16
was mainly deployed for the increasing demand of internet services mainly to meet
the demands of the people for fast internet services.802.16 was deployed for
point to point topology, point to multipoint and mainly for multipoint topologies.
802.16 is divided into three versions IEEE 802.16, IEEE 802.16d and 802.16e which
were completed in Dec 2001, May 2004 and Dec 2005 respectively .These versions
have different coverage areas and  frequency
ranges .The renowned version of 802.16 is 
2005 one. This version meets the demand of the users on a very large
scale. It provides full mobility support and advanced security features such as
mutual authentication. The latest version of 802.16 is 802.16m-2011 which is
also renowned as Wi-Max which support data rates up to gigabits per second.

Wi-max is
further divided into NLOS(non-line of sight) and LOS(line of sight).Wi-Max uses
microwave radio technology to connect computers. Base Station is required to
establish the links between internet and the user. The Wi-Max is mostly used
because of its better services. There are  different attacks which depends on different
factors which occur on 802.16 such as denial of RF jamming, Man in the middle
attack, scrambling, eaves dropping and many more attacks. These attacks effect
the system in a great way as  it results
in data loss, low speed of internet, misusage of data and data manipulation
which overall sometimes result in overall  economical  growth of the company.

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There are some
counter or security measures to deal with this kind of attacks. Roles and responsibilities
should be assigned. Proper conditions under which devices are allowed to be
operated. Overall  Standardized system so
that the device can work properly. Proper documentation should be done do that
one can easily understand the problem and find out the appropriate solution for
that problem. Equipment  should be
properly checked before usage