The AGON AG352UCG. It has the same

The Acer Predator Z35P is another best in class gaming monitor from Acer. The combination of its specs and features makes it almost as good as the ” Acer Predator X34″.Let’s dive into the good stuff. The Z35P has a 1440p VA Panel that’s overclockable to a whopping 120Hz thanks to Nvidia G-Sync Support. The 35″ VA panel of the monitor offers a more immersive image quality than standard gaming monitors. The display has an impressive 2,500:1 static contrast ratio and 106-pixel density. Along with the high resolution, these features ensure that you’ll always get vibrant images with deep black shadows.In addition, the VA panel provides a 21:9 aspect ratio with viewing angles up to 178-degree, 99% sRGB color gamut, and quick 4ms response time.All these features enhance the immersive experience of the 1800R curved screen, so your gaming sessions become even more intriguing. Another good thing is, the display doesn’t have any IPS glow and backlight bleed is less noticeable.And if you’re looking for a gaming monitor, this one has plenty of exclusive gaming features. It is equipped with flicker free tech and dark boost. Which basically means you’ll get better visibility in dark scenes while playing games. And the flicker-free display won’t cause any eye strain while viewing the monitor for long sessions. Also, if you navigate through the user-friendly OSD menu, you’ll find options for FPS counter, crosshair overlays, and advance color adjustments.Finally, for connectivity, there’s an HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort 1.2, four USB3.0 ports, audio output and two 9W built-in speakers with decent sound quality.On the negative side, the VA panel won’t give you the same consistent color accuracy as an IPS panel. And the panel may suffer ghosting of dark Pixels resulting in washed out images. Also, this monitor is a bit expensive.However, if you want to save up to $200( Approx.) , go for the AOC AGON AG352UCG. It has the same VA panel with Nvidia G-SYNC and 1440p screen.Though its refresh rate maxes out at 100Hz, it is still more than enough for a smooth and immersive gaming experience.It is a cheaper alternative of the Z35 and an equally good ultra-wide gaming monitor just with less unnecessary aesthetic gimmicks.