The accounts was quipu, these being knots

            The Inca started out as small tribes that lived in the
Andes Mountains, they eventually grew to be a civilization that consisted of
two well known cities call Cuzco and Macchu Picchu. According to Pedro Cieza de
Leon, “it is well known that the lords of this kingdom had their… representatives
in the principal places…”, principal places in this quote means capitals, this
quote mentions the central government that was known from the Inca civilization.
These capitals were large and consisted of large houses and resources compared
to other towns. Each town in the Inca empire had rules that were clear throughout
the towns and allowed the towns to know where to send tribute to the Sun God. The
document The Second part of the Chronicle
of Peru tells of the centers throughout Incan villages that had temples of
the Sun, Cuzco had accounts of births and deaths that happened in the empire.
These accounts to me are something that makes the Incas impressive because it
is said in this document that “these returns were prepared with great care and
accuracy, and without any fraud or deceit”, this shows that the officials knew
about every death and birth throughout the empire and what is even more impressive
is that they knew what people were poor, how many widows there were and if they
could pay tribute. Along with these accounts was quipu, these being knots that supplied an account of everything.

The Aztecs and Incas were
both influential civilizations that lived in South America, both had distinct culture
and life styles. Though the Aztecs had advanced architecture that consisted of
their capital city being built on a lake, I believe that the Incas were the
most impressive of these two civilizations. The Incas are more impressive to me
because they had a bigger population along with land that consisted of coastal
deserts, highlands, fertile valleys, Amazon rain forests, and mountain passages.
The Inca had many factors that support my belief of the Inca being more impressive
than the Aztec.

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