The a nurse i can work which

nurse treats another person as a neighbor. He listens to the patient
and gets into this situation. The nursing care relationship between
the nurse and the patient is based on open interaction and mutual

a nurse i can work which is ethical way and you have to maintain
respectuful relationship with all the co-worker because the nurses
work with many non-health and other profession. The important thing
to survi

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nurse is acting fairly. Hopeful
treats every patient as well and according to each individual need,
regardless of the patient’s health problem, culture, religion, mother
tongue, age, gender, race, skin color, political opinion or social

co-operation with other related disciplines. Develop mechanisms to
safeguard the individual, family or community when their care is
endangered by health care personnel.

support each other in decision-making, care at work and professional
development. Nurses respect the expertise of their own and other
professional groups. Try to strive for good co-operation with other
professionals involved in the treatment of the patient.

monitor that the members of their profession or other patients
involved in the treatment of the patient do not act unethically
towards the patient.

nurse will be discuss with co-worker by different way because the way
respect to some one

is little be different. For example in hospital are
many different professional and the nurse try to work with them
respectufull. If the nurse is see some one make wrong or endangered
and the nurse have rosponsibility to tell other professional.
The firest thing in healthcare is to care the patient. The patient
have right to get all what he/she want.

nurses respect their co-worker and interacts with them fairly. They
trust the colleague and be trusted. The nurses communcates politly
openly and
with confidentially.

decision- making and tasks are shared between colleagues fairly and
reasonable. Nurses form a unified profession.

nurses speaks reluctantly to colleagues and politely to colleagues. A
nurses creat a work community that can be dealt with disadvantages
and contradictions. A nurses defends and supports each others in
difficult situiations. The nurses can give and receive constructive

nurses work
with a rehabilitator and a multiprofessional team to support a
rehabilitation-based plan to support the rehabilitative ability of
the rehabilitator, utilizing the local and public network of the

the rehabilitation plan in co-operation with the rehabilitator and
the working group as well as evaluate the implementation of the plan.

support each other in the decision making concerning the care of
patient, and their own work capacity and professional development.
The nurses uses judgment regarding individual competence when
accepting and delegating responsibility.

management of a workplace community influences what the personnel can
do with the resources available, how we enjoy our work and cope jobs,
and how we respect each others professional competence. Good
management involves makinig fair decision about limited resources.
Being able to adress the distibution of operating practices and
workplaces behavior is a management tool.