“The a considerable measure of trust in


Journey of Thousand miles begins with one step” –Lao Tzu

Each step you take towards a bigger goal
might not seem as much. It might appear as though you are not doing much at
all. This will be particularly valid for any critics. Critics might think you
are not getting anywhere, that you are not getting anything done. That is the
reason you need to have a considerable measure of trust in where you are going.
You need to be clear about where you want to end up so that you have the conviction
that the small steps you are taking will eventually get you where you want to
be and you can squash any naysayers.

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I would like to bring to your notice an
incident that inspired me to choose communication field. I was a notorious
child and used to do most of my mischievous activities with my uncle. I was
very close to him. Once he had to go out of station. I cried all over for him.
During that time, my father introduced me to a device (landline telephone) that
helped me to talk to him. The technology amazed me. This sparked an ignition of
curiosity to learn about that. This curiosity motivated me to expand my
knowledge about communication.

I completed my schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya,
one of the institutes that holds great repute in India. My school played a very
crucial role and encouraged me to indulge in several extra-curricular
activities. As I had developed a keen interest towards Electronics and
Communication,  I took Electronics as my
optional subject during my high schooling. During this course, various aspects
of electronics along with practical were introduced that helped me to
strengthen my core knowledge in the subject. By this time, I was certain that
Electronics is going to be my future.

With an aim to be an instrumental part of the
electronics industry, I undertook my undergraduate degree in electronics and
communication engineering from SJC Institute of Technology by clearing the
state wide competitive selection examination (KCET). SJC institute of
technology is one the top engineering colleges in Karnataka. My academic background in Electronics and Communication
Engineering coupled with my innate interest to explore the nuances of the
industry, I have realized and observed a drastic yet consistent sophistication
in the electronic products and services across the world. My exposure to the
development and functioning of products and services like high definition TV
infrastructure, mobiles, tablets, broadband Internet services, satellite broadcasting
and GPS technique has intrigued me to the core and led me to believe that there
is much more to create, explore and discover in this field. Thus, my decision
to now pursue my graduate degree in Electronics and Communications seems the
most logical extension of my academic career.


My initial year of undergraduate education
was based on fundamentals of all engineering subjects. The next two years was a
detailed study of electronics and communication subjects. The final year
allowed us to implement our learning into a practical project. I used this
concept to develop an “IOT based drug remainder for patients”. This avoided the
need for an assistant for the patient. I thought I could contribute to the
society through this idea of mine. It was well accepted and appreciated.

Apart from my academic curriculum, I
participated in various technical and non-technical events. I presented and WON
the best Innovative paper entitled classroom Automation with Energy saving possibilities
in the Innovation of Engineering & Technology – IET’17, a National
Level Presentation Contest organized by Recruitment Analysis Council. I also
got a chance to participate in Texas Instruments Analog Maker competition
helping me gain some more knowledge about the subject. Further to gain, my
knowledge I developed a mini project and presented it in a State Level Project
Exhibition conducted by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.  In addition, I presented a technical paper in
MANTHANA, a Two Day National Conference On “Recent Trends in Electronics and
Communication Engineering”.  At SJCIT, I
have been involved in the college cricket team and we also were the VTU
Bangalore north zone champions in the year 2015.

Digital Signal Processing as a concept has
appealed to me a lot since I have known about this subject and have been
engrossed in it. This one field has stood out for me in my academic carrier. As
my interest lies in DSP and my eagerness to learn more on this I wish to pursue
my Masters in Digital Signal Processing and I couldn’t find a better university
than the University of____________________ for the same where the research on
this topic is remarkable. United States of America is a country where the
education is given top priority with providing the hands-on experience and
amount of practical knowledge of students graduating from American universities
is impeccable. This is the main reason for my interest in pursuing my Masters
in the United States of America and University of _________ in particular.

After completing my master’s degree, I expect
to apply what I have learned to drive the communications industry forward and
thus benefit people and society as a whole. I would like to seek work in the
rapidly developing communication industry, where there is currently a strong
demand for talented, experienced engineers. By working in this context, I am
confident that I can distinguish myself as a leader in my profession and make
many valuable contributions to the modernization of the society. This is a very
exciting time to be working in the communications industry, as technology is
evolving quickly and new applications are being devised constantly. If I can
work at the cutting edge of this industry, I know that I will have a career
that is enriching, meaningful, and rewarding in the long term.