“Tell about how Trump wants to deport

“Tell Me How It Ends” talked about her experience as a translator for undocumented migrant children who are crossing Mexico. The seven pages that were attached read made me want to read more of it which is why I did because I was curious about it. It talks about Latin children facing deportation. The biblical reading that applies to the child migration movement from Central America is Leviticus 19:33-34. It states “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.” We should love refuges as we love ourselves. The Bible says that we should be kind to the refugees that are in the land. God says you should treat immigrants the same as you treat natives.The stranger deserves equality and even love. Question 7 asks, “Did anything happen on your trip to the U.S. that scared you or hurt you?” Luiselli says that children rarely give an honest answer, not because they’re lying or evasive, but because the truth is too awful to tell. She’s recognizing how her homeland is a criminal because of all the abuses against the children. Reading this brought tears to my eyes because it’s sad to hear about children getting abused while crossing the border. Thousands of children are escaping gang violence and death threats, riding the train “La Bestia” across all of Mexico, while there’s a likelihood of getting kidnapped, murdered, raped, and they’re just hoping to cross the border and reunite with a family member. I feel since she was a translator for them she had to deal with the “nightmares” they faced in their crisis. You should treat immigrants the same way you treat natives. Children facing deportation must be hard because they’re separated from their family. I am the daughter of immigrant parents and hearing about how Trump wants to deport all immigrants hurts me. Honestly, every time I hear about someone getting deported, I get scared because I fear that deportation might happen to my family or someone that I know. Luiselli tried to find a way to address the crisis, but I think purpose in this book is to come up with solutions and to shine a light on the horrific nature of their lives and help them overcome it. God loves the immigrants of every face and color, and commands his people to do the same, remembering their own history. The Bible talks about how the “foreigners” in ancient Israel were non-Israelites who were permitted to pass through or reside in Israel. They were required to comply with Israel’s laws and respect its customs. Immigrants aren’t criminals. They shouldn’t be punished for living here and helping the economy. Immigration is not a new topic. In the bible it was discussed with verses like Adam and Eve are forced out of the Garden, Noah builds an ark and takes refuge from the flood, and Abraham, who left his homeland.  Many Biblical characters were immigrants and all these verses deepened my understanding of God.