Teens Nowadays Essay

I believe that teenagers are not respected enough. Some may agree and others may not. However, the majority of teenagers will respond that they don’t get the respect they deserve. Most teens feel that they are mainly disrespected by their own parents. Parents don’t respect their teenagers right to privacy. For example, due to suspicion, parents will go through their child’s diaries, mail, and even connect to their phone conversations. With these actions that the parents make, teens may feel disregarded. Parents should acknowledge that teenagers have the right to privacy, and learn to trust and respect them.

Juveniles are always put into categories as soon as adults see them. People who have bad perspectives on teenagers see them as thieves and many other things. This is unfair because not all teenagers are like that. Many teens feel discriminated against when they go into stores or malls. Sometimes, even staff members watch or follow teens around because they think they’re going to steal something. All these actions could send thoughts to teenagers, and make them feel not respected and trusted. Teenagers are called young adults for a reason, so they should be treated as young adults and not clueless children.

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As a teenager, I have many ideas to better the world, yet whenever I share them, nobody seems to understand them. This can be frustrating. Teens may come across as Know-It-All’s, but their ideas should at least be respected. This is part of the struggle I’ve experienced as a teenager. A lot of it may be due to the fact that teenagers’ brains are not yet fully developed and that our ideas may not come across as logical or rational sometimes, but it sure is frustrating when nobody seems to take you seriously.

In conclusion, I believe adults don’t give enough credit to teens. If they did, teenagers would be offered more things, like privacy, trust, and respect for what they believe in. There are many other things that teens feel disrespected from too, like responsibility. All in all, it is pretty obvious that most teenagers are not receiving the respect they deserve. Teenagers, the future generation, should get the same respect as any other ordinary person. This is why I think teenagers are not respected enough.