Tanmay Essay

Learning from their past experiences, Globshop should continue with its decision to outsource the IT operations for technical assistance and other non-critical and non-core business related projects. Except the few glitches and uninformed decisions, Globshop’s idea to offshore the tedious and costly IT operations to an efficient and cost-effective economy like India have been proved to be a good and profitable decision.

Globshop should continue their offshoring contract with a liable, efficient and experienced Indo-Systems Solutions (ISS). ISS is experiencing a tremendous growth because of a number of factors like good client relations, proven client satisfaction and continuously meeting business requirements. Since ISS have been handling Globshop’s IT and other projects, Globshop’s Customer Satisfaction has increased considerably and their costs have reduced. Time has changed ISS is growing in business and in number of big clients.

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In order to continue offshoring their non-mission critical projects to ISS they have to keep a-number-of things in mind. * While renewing the contracts they have to make sure that ISS incorporates an effective knowledge Management system. With the Knowledge Management systems in place, Globshop should ensures that experienced ISS support staff, which has excellent Globshop’s domain and business knowledge, transfers this knowledge to the new incoming resources. Going forward there should be detailed documentation of the processes and the tasks performed by the ISS analysts. * By signing strict Service Level (SLAs) and Operation Level Agreements (OLAs), Globshop should make sure that a growing vendor like ISS could be held liable to any non-compliance. Pulling back the project from ISS and giving it to another offshore vendor would be a very short sighted decision on Globshop’s part. Today there is a hype in the news about the increase in the re-shoring of projects by the US companies.

According to SIO’s (Society of Information Management) India garnered 43% of the offshore outsourcing spends in 2012. Looking at these figures Globshop should recognize that almost all vendors in India are growing big and shifting from core development projects to outsourced Support and maintenance projects. With the growing industry Globshop cannot afford to switch vendors and hinder the healthy client-vendor relationship they foster with ISS.