Super Kids Essay

Every year enough cars are carjacked that can fill 5 football fields. Now in my point of view why do people carjack? When they can just buy a car, I know maybe some people don’t have money but just be grateful for what you have, and not for what you don’t have. But the bad thing is carjacking is the most common activity in the US. Why is that? Can’t everything just be perfect? People smoke just to fit in with other people, Smoking kills more people then any other drug in the world. I learned that smoking is a harmful to you and the people around you which is called second-hand smoking. hour of inhaling smoke can equal to 1 cigarette which can be harmful to you. Every year at least 1 million cigarette packs have been bought in the United States alone. Alcohol can weaken the human body which can make you dizzy. Drinking and driving can cause a major toll to death. Alcohol can make you do bad things like kill people or get in to a fight. Using a lot of alcohol can lose the memory of the person drinking it. Why do people use violence? When they can just talk instead of being physical, violence can lead to death if it gets really bad.

Violence is one thing you don’t want to get into when it comes to fighting, I learned that people think violence is the right thing to solve it but it isn’t, the right way to use violence is if someone is hurting you but otherwise use words it is the proper way to solve things. Super kids taught me that drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence and any other illegal stuff are really bad and if you want to die quicker take it but other wise live your life to the fullest of your heart not drugs, and I am so glad to have been a part of Super Kids and I never take it for granted!

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