Successful Female Leader in South Africa Essay

Khanyi Dhlomo is an outstanding heavy weight in the publishing and print media. Her remarkable journey to the top started in the year 1995 when apartheid had just been buried in our country. When she was barely 20years of age and a fresh Journalism graduate from University of Witwatersrand, she started her journey into the South African Broadcast media with SABC 1. During her brief stay with SABC 1 she stole the hearts of many and ratings hit sky high, although her first love had always been print media.

A friend of hers who was then an editor with Drum magazine informed her of an opening for a fashion and beauty assistant for True Love magazine, she took the job although it was not that glamorous. She waited patiently for an opening of the editor post and it came sooner than she had expected. Khanyi intensified efforts to keep up the pace while pursuing a bachelor degree in Communication. Her next job was a managerial position at South Africa’s Tourism Board in Paris. The rise in her career was accompanied by a divorce to her husband in a marriage that produced two kids.

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The new job did not successfully replace her passion for print so she sought further education, a Masters degree in Business Administration with Harvard Business. She also met an outstanding man Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Conde Nast International who later became her mentor. Combining the valuable principle she learnt at the Business school coupled with lessons gained from sessions with Newhouse, Khanyi stormed the print industry with Ndalo Media in collaboration with media 24. The concept informed the birth of Destiny magazine and Destiny Man magazines that effectively combine business concerns with lifestyle panorama.

Khanyi has won many awards for her outstanding achievements in the print industry. These include: Elle Magazine’s Editor of the Year, Most Stylish Newsreader by Elle Magazine, South Africa’s Best Dressed Woman, Editor of the Year by Advantage, Most influential Woman in South African Media by Media Magazine, Alumnus of the year by Stellenbosch Business School, and Women in the Media by Vodacom Women in the media among others. Six specific criteria that make a good leader Good leaders are required in all walks of life right from an organizational setup to run a firm to a political platform.

But how do you determine who a good leader is or what is it that makes a leader a good leader or rather an exceptional leader? Everybody has an opinion as to what qualities they expect to see in their leaders. Today effective leadership includes a lot more than just being a good visionary or a good orator. Not to be left out of the discussion on who a good leader is, we decided to compile a list of leadership traits that we would like to see in female individuals aspiring to lead us to success and become good precise leaders. 1. Mission and Vision To have a well thought out mission describing one’s purpose in life.

Everyone should be able to identify their mission in life and strive to achieve it. ‘’A vision needs to be abstract enough to encourage people to imagine it but concrete enough for followers to see it. ’’ One cannot lead without followers. A clear compelling vision of your future makes it easier to take the right small daily decisions and actions to get you there. Successful women build a vision based on their strengths and share it with supportive others who conspire to help them achieve it. Small tip: ask yourself every day ‘’is what I am doing right now taking me closer to or further from my goal? ’ 2. Communication skills Effective communication skills undoubtedly top the list of most important leadership traits, irrespective of which field is being taken into consideration. An individual should not have ideas , but should also sport the means of communicating these ideas across the table in an effective manner. The concept of effective communication is not just restricted to the act of delivering speeches from the stage or addressing a gathering of people, but also include communication with individuals at the grass roots and taking their feedback.

Competency A person thriving to become a good leader should be competent enough to take on any odds she is likely to face. Decision making matters a lot, but it is important that these decisions are based on rational thinking and not emotions. This is where the person’s competency as a leader comes into play. Giving up is a sign of weak leadership which does not just affect the individual but also hampers the morale of the team. Decisions are to be made by the leader, but not without taking into consideration the opinion of the other people in the unit. . Honesty It is one of the most important quality, not just in case of leadership but also in the list of positive traits of human beings. The person has to be honest to herself, her team as well as her goals. Deceit will only call for ice from the team and that in turn will affect the output. The accountability factor makes it all the more important for a person to be honest and set realistic goals in profession life. 5. Discipline & Courage Laid back attitude is meant for losers, not leaders.

Discipline in both professional and personal life is one of the best leadership qualities a person can inculcate in her-self. More importantly discipline is also one of the simple measure to achieve success in all various walks of life. A successful female leader is one that takes calculated risk when everybody else backs off and that person can make a good leader. She should be courageous enough to identify opportunities and strike whenever possible. At the same time, she has to raise the bar and continuously thrive for better.

A good female leader should also understand the difference between courage and foolhardiness and that perhaps is the most important traits of them all. 6. Goal oriented As we all know, a good leader has to be a good visionary. She should be able to set long term goals and more importantly, implement all the measures required to archive these goals. In leadership achievements do matter and the greater the better. But again, it is very important that one sets realistic goals and not give in to temptations as the latter is a perfect recipe for disaster.