Study Abroad Essay

Getting a better education will be the main aim of all the students. People prefer to have an excellent education in various ways. It might be of studying locally or studying in abroad. Likewise, nowadays many Maldivian students prefer to study in abroad. After completing their school level, some Maldivians students fly to other countries. Even to do their Ordinary Level, some parents move to abroad or just send their child. There might be certain reasons for this issue.

People might send their children abroad to study, in order to get qualitative and get better higher education for the students. Families might have enough income to send the children abroad to get a better education regarding to their career which might not be available locally. Here I am going to display some reasons why Maldivian students might deal with when they chose to study in foreign countries (Iqbal, 2012). In the beginning, the main reason that Maldivian students might choose to study in abroad is to get a high quality and an excellent education which is related to their career.

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According (Williams, 2010) “most students would probably argue that the principal concern was with course-related issues, such as the quality and reputation of the course. ” . For example according to (Williams, 2010) by a students in focus group discussions thinks that the education in UK is famous for all over the world. Since when a student achieve a certificate from a college of UK, then he/she is having an advantage that the quality of the education will be greater. The professors from those colleges and institutions will be having advanced teaching techniques.

The students will be receiving the lessons from the best of best lecturers while they enrolling on an abroad school, college or a university. Thus this might be one of the reasons why the Maldivian students would prefer to study in abroad. Being independent might be the best part in a student’s life. Students learn new things when they are in abroad. When the students are in abroad sometimes they will be without their family. They will be adapted to be independent. The student could be able to live alone with fewer problems without their family (Williams, 2010).

Being independent while they study in abroad might help them to learn how to take responsibilities in their life. It would help him/her to build their life in a proper manner without the help from others. As stated by (Xinhua, 2011) “Generally speaking, overseas schools provide a more flexible learning environment and pay more attention to students’ soft skills such as decision-making, initiative, leadership, teamwork and sociability, which are often lacking in a Chinese school’s curriculum. ”. This might be the situation for Maldivian students.