Statement content in my university’s degree programs,

Statement of Purpose

The astonishing
developments and conundrums in computing has stimulated my interest and has
encouraged me to choose Computing as the main field of my graduate and post
graduate studies. After my successful bachelor and master, I have decided to
further extend my knowledge and continue my studies. Therefore, I have decided
to pursue a PhD at a well reputed international university, with a high
standard and quality of education.

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Inspired with
the advancements of computer science and its applications in our life, I made
up my mind to select computer science for my undergraduate studies in order to
personally experience the IT revolution and be part of it. During my
undergraduate studies, I benefited from the breadth of content in my
university’s degree programs, which allowed me to have solid conceptual
understanding of computer science. I graduated from Comsats Institute of
Information and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan with strong computer skills.
The courses in my undergraduate studies, especially data structures, database
systems, computer networks, design & analysis of algorithms, software and
web engineering, artificial intelligence and computer graphics introduced me to
various facets of computer science. Since then I have been firmly captivated by
this field. As the semesters progressed, I felt my knowledge and abilities
develop with each course. Concepts from computer networks, database systems and
web engineering have helped me to realize the role of web as a vital instrument
of communication in this era of information.

During my
undergraduate studies, I was always transfixed with the idea of automation and
the complexities involved in it. Initially my understanding was limited to
designing and development of web applications. The project that I undertook at
my university was to develop an online hotel and hostel booking platform
through which the people can book any hostel or hotel anywhere in
Pakistan.  During the development of this
project my knowledge and love for the web-based systems increased further. 

After my
graduation I worked temporarily as Junior developer at Swapit Technologies for
six months. During that period, I worked on several commercial projects
including web-based and Android applications.

During that
period, I decided to undertake a master’s degree to understand more advanced concepts in computing. I got
admission at the Politechnica University of Bucharest, Romania for the program
of Master of Engineering in Software Engineering. The courses Engineering of Distributed
Software Systems, Semantic Web Computing and Technologies for Big Data
introduced me to new and emerging domains in computing. I started relating my
previous work with newly studied topics and have found a great coherence in
both technologies. Semantic Web Computing has introduced me to various
dimensions of the semantic web including ontology development, ontology storing
and querying.

studying Semantic Web Computing in the 2nd semester of my Master
degree. I was intrigued by how remarkably web crawler works. I started working
on data scraping and I successfully wrote a web-based application that could
crawl other websites and extract data from them. It was a really pleasant and
captivating experience for me and I found myself exploring about web crawlers
while working with on this project. Although my work was mainly self-motivated,
it compelled me to contemplate pursuing web-based systems for my PhD degree.

I have limited myself to research in Web-Based
Systems, Information Retrieval,
Geographic Information Systems and Health
Information Systems for PhD studies. I believe
these proposed areas are best suited for my skills. As a student of Master in
Software Engineering, I look forward to be accepted for a doctorate study to
refine my knowledge and skills in these areas.

short description will give you a first-hand idea of my research interests and
my evolution throughout my academic career. I believe it is important for me to
convert my graduate study and job experiences into a full doctorate education
to fulfil my true potential. I am looking for an excellent research atmosphere
where originality is appreciated and individual potential is explored. I
believe the future of computing is in web-based systems and my purpose is to
participate in this revolution. I hope you find my credentials meeting the
admission requirements and I look forward to pursue my doctorate studies at a
distinguished institution of higher learning. I hope that this experience would
be a mutually rewarding one.