STATEMENT born and grown-up in India, I


“A dream becomes a goal when action is
taken towards its achievement.” –Bo Bennett.

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It is the willingness of a person to work
hard and face challenges intelligently from time to time that decides the
quality of one’s academic, personal and professional life. I have always
believed in this all through my life and constantly worked hard to reach my
goals. Business Analytics is a modern phenomenon that has not only
revolutionized the day-to-day activities of individuals but has also impacted
the face and pace of businesses. As a Product Developer, with more than 2.5
years of experience in the field of Information Technology, I realized that
data is the crux of the Information Technology and it drives the modern world. It
is my dream to specialise in a specific field of IT and the deep understanding
of the field, helped me to set my goal to become a Business Intelligence
Analyst/Strategist which would help me use analytics to interpret data along
with business acumen.

Being born and grown-up in India, I had
the opportunity to experience a multi-cultural environment, which eventually
helped me to become an independent and open-minded person, with excellent
social skills. My innate inquisitive nature has helped me become one of the
most appreciated students and get into the good books of my teachers quiet
effortlessly right from my school days. As a token of appreciation for my
academic performance along with involvement in extra-curricular activities, I
was awarded the “Deserving Student Award” during my final year of higher
secondary education.

Even from my secondary schooling, I was
fascinated by computers and information technology in particular. I was able to
realize that Information Technology has changed the world and desired to be a
part of the same which in-turn motivated me to do my Bachelor’s degree in
Information Technology from SRR Engineering College, one of the notable
institutions affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The subjects studied
during my Bachelor’s degree served as a perfect bridge between technology and
business and helped me gain a good foundation in the vast field of Information
Technology and Management. I have also been awarded merit certificates in
several academic pursuits, attended various workshops and seminars and never
missed an opportunity to coordinate any events in the college as well.

I accepted an offer from DXC Technology (formerly
known as CSC) in the final year of my Bachelor’s degree. As a Product Developer
at DXC for a valuable healthcare product (WDHB, Cabrini, and some more
healthcare trusts are the clients), my obligation is to provide solutions and
develop new enhancements, client change requests and new features for the
product with quality. This role helped me gain sound knowledge in various
technologies like HTML5, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.NET, etc. My role
needed me to interact with my onsite counterparts as well as the business users
on a regular basis which helped me understand the business better. There are
many instances where I was appreciated by the UK and ANZ Support Teams for my
quick decision-making and problem-solving skills during clinically severe production
issues. I was also able to mentor and develop the new joiners in my team both functionally
and technically. As a recognition of my contributions to the product, I was
rated the “Top Performer” of my Team in the annual performance evaluations.

Having acquired adequate experience in the
field of Information Technology, I aspire to pursue higher education in
Information Technology and Management as I desire to enhance my skills and
knowledge in the applications of business systems. I have grown to realize that
engineers and IT professionals must strive hard to acquire business domain
skills. I trust this would help me refine my skills and deliver the best
technology-driven solutions to the ever-changing and dynamic business firms.

I strongly believe that a Master’s degree
is the gateway to propel me to greater heights in success. I feel privileged to
apply for the Masters in Information Technology and Management program offered
by the University of Texas, Dallas as the course is structured to emphasize on
both the core Analytical (Business Intelligence
& Analytics track) and Management subjects which will provide me an
opportunity to nurture my techno-managerial skills. Having such a sound
academic environment at a reputed university like yours, with the distinguished
faculty serving as a model, flexible curriculum and excellent facilities at
your university make its graduation program ideally suited for my professional goals.
I am sure the quality education and impeccable guidance from your esteemed
university will mould me for constant growth and learning, as a professional
and a person. Hence it is with great pleasure and sincere hope that I look
forward to be a part of your prestigious institution.


  Gautam Ramasamy