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Starting up a business is a gamble full of taking risks. There are no guaranteed ways that would lead to success in this type of field. Although, it would be still be great to have a guide on determining which marketing strategies are effective based on the experience taken from a successful business. This could lessen the misfortunes of businessmen failing miserably. So, future business owners may now spare their time, money, and effort in executing ineffective strategies in the 21st century business. The findings of the study would serve as lessons on how to achieve the success these aspiring businessmen desire. Since it is important for future business owners to expand their knowledge in this kind of field, the study would serve as an assistance in strategies and marketing skills that could be applied in the future which would also help to make great ideas and goals for achieving their vision in the business.The study would cover the marketing strategies which led to the growth of the  successful Staycee’s Cakes, Pasta, Tea House which would also mean showing the good qualities a shop should have. So, the findings may also serve as a basis of standards to the customers on what should be looked for in a store. Customers will now be aware of the qualities and offers a good shop provides. Then, the consumers will now avoid settling for anything less than they deserve. Soon, this could result to an overall improvement of business systems since knowledgeable customers would want improved shops.Staycee’s Cakes, Pasta, and Tea House would also benefit in this study. Since this is about the effective marketing strategies of the shop, the shop would gain good publicity. The management would indeed receive a good review through the conducted study. Then, those who have read the findings may visit the shop to verify the published informations. So, the study would undeniably serve as a promotion of the store.This study will provide knowledge and understanding to the researchers themselves regarding the marketing strategies most suitable in the 21st century business. The researchers may use these to attain a higher rate to achieve success in their field especially that these are already tested and proven. Also, the researchers can now formulate new ideas to execute in their own business that would differ theirs from the others. In addition, this study would enhance the researcher’s involvement in the field they want to be in. Aside from this, the researchers themselves can gain benefit from the study since this would serve as a good practice for conducting a professional research that the researchers would still experience conducting in the succeeding years.