Starting B2C platform that utilizes B2B services

Starting Your Business Using B2B Platforms (DHgate) For Your B2C E-CommercePrefaceStarting a BusinessStarting a business can be complex for just about any entrepreneur. 1 However, there are a few uncomplicated steps to follow to speed up your journey to owning a B2C platform. This is especially true if you get started with DHgate. There are a few easy practices to keep in mind. They include having short, medium and long-term goals. 2 Remember, remaining organized is a strong concept to adhere to. This will save you tons of time and funds. Also, take notes of any legalities that needed to be adhered to for your business. These aspects will help you to be aware of any grants or loan programs that may be able to help you get started as well. For the most part, getting started can be cheaper than traditional methods. If you already own your brick & mortar business, these guidelines may improve your financial outlook!Digital PlatformsDo you know the growth of digital platforms today? From 2014 to 2024, there will be about twice as many consumers purchasing on the internet than today. In 2014, there were approximately 1.3 billion shoppers who made purchases on the internet. It’s been strongly projected that in 2018 there will be approximately 1.8 billion buyers on the web globally. 3 Statistics also demo that businesses are growing at an extreme pace compared to 8 years ago. As a matter of fact, it takes companies nearly 5 years to accomplish 20 years of work. 4 In other words, a digital start-up today could possibly accomplish a company valuation of a Fortune 500 company in 5 years or less. A B2C platform that utilizes B2B services can surge monthly revenue quite quickly. 5 For example, did you know that the average B2C e-commerce site makes close to $50,000 within their first month of business? This average statistic takes into consideration entrepreneurs that have faltered and those that have succeeded voraciously. 6 More CEO’s and large business owners are taking into consideration using the digital platform to develop their business. This includes small and micro businesses who are just getting started. This does not leave out brick and mortar businesses who use traditional platforms and those who are looking for new ways to gain revenue to increase valuation. Would you like to start your own B2C platform? Let’s take a look at DHgate and what they have to offer for digital era start-ups, seasoned entrepreneurs, and establishments of all sizes.DHgateDHgate’s stands out as a leading B2B platform and has the figures to prove it. They stand as one of the 1st B2B platforms ever created digitally within their field. 7 One of their major attraction is safety and security. Currently, there are 8 main points discussed on the DHgate website for this. They include the ability to pay for products securely. All sellers who do business with DHgate have been thoroughly identified manually and automatically.  The seller’s business history is verified by DHgate as well. One of the most significant features of DHgate is their risk management protocols. For instance, your information will be encrypted. This prevents fraud, stolen identities, and other hacking your account. Customer service management is an aspect DHgate takes seriously. Also, customers on the B2B platform can easily find information in their help center. The mission of this company is to empower individuals to be involved in global trade.  Additionally, they realize this can help entrepreneurs build their dreams! There are more than 1 million sellers on this B2B platform. Correspondingly, there are more than 30 million product listings to choose from. 8 They serve customers with sales in multiple languages and several shipping partners.  Introduction: Part 1The Transformation to Digital PlatformsThe transformation to digital platforms has an interesting history. Also, there is a lot to consider when contemplating these events. It was the genesis of the internet as we knew it. was mainly just a small online bookstore, and this includes many other B2C platforms. 9 Nearing the 21st century B2B enterprises functioned differently. Most sellers and buyers were afraid to jump into the digital era. Most B2B companies continued to use older electric means for sales. A chief electronic tool was the use of EDI systems. B2B sellers were afraid of transparency as well. 10 The transition to digital platforms required adopting a new business model, fresher strategics, and culture! Many exchanges of business were private in the late 90’s. Moreover, as technology evolved over the next five years, after 1999, more internet business began to be formed. 11 Technology, supply & demand within the world of B2B and B2C forced suppliers to invest in a new era. Development of B2B PlatformsThe development of B2B platforms can take on many forms depending on the goals made during the creation stages. Yet, they all share some fundamental characteristics that help to build a successful B2B business on the internet. These features are what make B2B platforms differ from B2C platforms. 12Unlike business to consumer platforms, there is a need for more analyzable workflow and self-management assistance. The ability to view contract terms, order data, the flow of product replenishment times, and current shipment forms are a few. Managing the catalogs of products online are imperative for success. These aspects can range from many channels of communication and content. Also, the ability to adapt and integrate other data systems is a chief element. This will affect the ability to manage entire inventory systems, the data form consumers, and contract history effectively. 13 B2C: The Ease of Starting Your Own PlatformStarting your own B2C platform is easier now than ever before. In fact, the rate of success may be obtained faster than it has been in the past. 14 There are more resources available to you simply at your fingertips. We are past the beginning of e-commerce, this means more transparency when sourcing products for your online platform. Imagine beginning your journey starting a B2C platform on your computer. Sourcing Products From ChinaYou can start your own B2C platform with ease by utilizing B2B platforms like DHgate. This includes sourcing your products from China. There are thousands of products to choose from, and the prices are competitive. When you use a site like DHgate, you can form business relationships with many sellers at once. You can source lower priced products. This means an entrepreneur can make more profit on your own business-to-consumer platform. There are some vital steps to take to ensure you have received the best quality product. For example, you can order a sample before you commit to larger orders for your company’s inventory. 15Introduction: Part 2The Ease of Starting a Business Nowadays: Using Digital Platforms An existing digital platform can help you to start your business today easily. For instance, there are many B2B services with extended services that have gone digital. So, what does this mean for you? Since these many of these companies have a larger digital footprint, you can take quick advantage of it. B2B companies usually serve the entrepreneur that is will to take a calculated risk in a positive direction. This path usually means doing business across borders and being involved in a global economy.  The Ease of Starting By The Use of DHgateYou can start your online business by using DHgate. The platform is user-friendly and has many options for an entrepreneur to choose from. This includes different methods of payment. DHgate has a secure way to pay for your orders without venturing off-site. This is a plus because it enhances safety and security for all buyers. Everything you practicality need to purchases your 1st products can be found on their website. The entire process of finding products to sell and order is a streamlined process.Small Businesses Can Upgrade: Everything is Going DigitalWhat does it take to upgrade your small business in the digital era? There so many options to choose from, and this can lead toward confusion in the long run. However, the digital aspects of a business can help entrepreneurs realize their goals in a systematize style. An online presence is adding or converting an existing small business to digital aspects. For some small business to survive an upgrade is not an option, but a vital step towards success! Traditional Businesses Can Upgrade For small online B2C companies, upgrading may seem to be a natural step to take. Even so, there are traditional businesses that can upgrade as well. There may be a short learning curve for entrepreneurs that are transferring traditional skills to digital methods. Yet, this may be viewed as an asset, not a liability. Many of the skills learned as a brick & mortar establishment can shorten the time it takes reach online success. It is an imperative step for traditional companies to invest their time in upgrading to digital. It may help you expand your business and reach a customer base worldwide. An Explanation Of Case Study: How Digital Solves Daily HeadachesCase StudyThe following is a case study that will thereafter help to explain how digital solves daily headaches as an entrepreneur. The case study is just an example of how Jonathan started his business online by using his strengths in his favor. The names used in this case study may have been changed to protect the identity of the participants. This case study shows how the use of foresight, research and the use of current skills aided in his success. The Fidget Spinner KingExplanation