Stainless that contains an amount of chromium

Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant metal that contains an amount of chromium in the composition. The metal is widely used in the different commercial tools and equipment for its unique and reflective qualities as it is easy to form into the specific shapes, finishes or designs.

Variations of Stainless Steel

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The composition ratio of chromium and nickel yield the variations that used for different purposes in home interior, culinary, surgical tools, automotive parts etc. Mainly there are five types of stainless steel based on its uses and architectural value.

1. Ferritic Steel

2. Austenitic Steel

3. Martensitic Steel

4. Duplex Steel

5. Precipitation-hardening martensitic

Uses in Home Interior or Exterior

Stainless steel sheets used for cladding, escalator, wall, elevator doors, elevator ceilings etc in home or commercial buildings. The metal has taken the industry to a new level with formed of shape, color, and design that neatly wrapped around the plaster-board.

Examples of stainless steel application:

Designer Door & frame – An ideal use of stainless steel for interior or exterior including elevator, entrance or storefront with the combination of rust protection and designer finishes.
Elevator Cabin – A perfect blend of superior grade material & cutting-edge technology for an international standard elevator cabin for apartments, offices, and societies etc.
Kitchen Counter-top – The top-notch durability, stain and heat resistance features make it an ultimate choice for kitchen counter-top along with hygienic surface for food prep and easy to clean.
Escalator – Steel sheets also used in escalator panel, structure surface for floor-plate, steps, entry, exit point of the walkways moving systems in public places.
Sign Board – Distinctive metal helps to present your business signage with versatility in designs and finishes.
Pillar Cladding – Steel is known for its perfection with customized designs and surfaces for pillar and wall cladding.
Kitchen Back-splash – Designer element within the reflective stainless steel back-splash changes the complete kitchen appearance.
Façade – The metal offers the luxury to use the different embossing, natural, matte, colored finishes for the facade to ensure an aesthetic appearance.
Curtain & Partitions – The metal used for partition and curtains with different size, color, and design, texture for a pleasant appearance.

Highly resistance to water, fire, easy to maintain, environment-friendly & recyclable features makes it a preferred choice with the flexibility to use for different purposes in home interior or exterior.

For more information different applications or effective uses of the metal to beautify the home or commercial place, see Mapple