St. Alice Essay

St. Alice Natalia Rosario Visitation SchoolGrade 7February 2013 St. Alice is a very inspirational saint who spent her life with a spirit deeply embedded in humility and a kind heart. Born in 1204 in a tiny village in Brussels, called Shaerbeck, Alice was sometimes called Aleydis. At the age of seven, Alice decided to join a convent of Cistercian nuns called Camera Sanctae Mariae. Alice would spend the rest of her life in that convent. Alice’s acts and deeds influenced many others and many nuns admired Alice for them.

In her adolescent years Alice became ill with leprosy. Because leprosy was very contagious, Alice had to spend all of her time completely isolated. This fact saddened Alice because she enjoyed being around people, as was in her nature. Even with this sadness, Alice remained confident in God and His love for her. Through prayer, Alice found serenity and always found a way to be positive, even in the midst of all her suffering. Receiving the Eucharist helped Alice find the comfort and strength she needed, also making her feel closest to God than she had ever felt before.

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The year after getting leprosy, Alice became blind and completely paralyzed. Through these sufferings, Alice began receiving visions of God, telling her that soon she would be welcomed to heaven and to keep strong in her faith here on earth. In the year 1250, Alice died, finally receiving the peace she had been awaiting for more than half of her life. In the year 1907 Pope Pius X canonized Alice as a saint. Her feast day is celebrated on June 15th. Alice is the Patron Saint of Those Suffering of Paralysis and Blindness. I am considering choosing St.

Alice as my patron saint because she was brave, courageous, and graceful in the face of each and every suffering that she had to endure. Her faith in God never wavered. At the young age of seven years old, Alice knew what she wanted and went for it, knowing that God was guiding her. By nature, Alice was kind, but what surprised me the most is the fact that she remained kind through her sufferings. In each of these things I see that I need someone like St. Alice to guide me through life because I am not strong like her to go through life’s struggles with utmost trust and faith in God.