“Sonny’s the story is obviously tinged with

“Sonny’s Blues” is a first-person narrative provided by an unknown
narrator, that is later found to be Sonny’s brother. Sonny’s brother is considered
a proverbial success due to him beings married with children and a math teacher
while Sonny is a heroin addict. This establishes a trustworthiness with the
narrator that could be lost when dealing with a drug addict. Some readers might
find a drug addict to be unreliable. However, due to the dichotomy of the two
lives, the narrator is unable to understand why Sonny is an addict and why
Sonny continue to make the choices that he does. If the narrator can be a
success, why can’t Sonny? The narrator is also removed from the situation and
providing a fresh, though biased, viewpoint. This also allows the reader a
glimpse of both sides of the story, though again, it is biased as it is not
coming directly from Sonny. Emotions are also high involved in these type of situations,
so the story is obviously tinged with the narrator’s emotions, which are
obviously running high since it is dealing with his brother and a drug problem.
Thus, the reader is most likely missing some very core points that Sonny would
have provided were he to narrate the story.

Another point to consider, had Sonny been the narrator, is
that the story would no longer be about the brother coming to decision to reach
out and be a part of his brother’s life again. Had Sonny been the narrator, it
would potentially be about Sonny’s journey, his use of drugs, why he used
drugs, and how his family did not understand him or his reasoning. This would have
been a more straight-forward narrative that lacked the depth it currently has. As
it is written, the brother as the narrator gets the job of figuring out Sonny
and himself, thus producing a well rounded and thought out mystery, leaving the
reader yearning to know more about both sides of the story. 

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