Sociology ambition is to identify potential improvements

Sociology as a discipline is rare in its relevance to issues of modern life. I want to study it as I have always been interested in social questions of inequality, gender and social change. Sociology investigates life in society and the way it shapes people’s behaviour, beliefs and identity. I feel strongly that by studying the social world, we gain a better understanding of ourselves and our own social situations for this and other reasons I am actively seeking to develop my knowledge eventually leading to a career in social work.Being a part of a family dependent on the government, I have also found an interest in learning about the welfare system. This enabled me to identify the changes in the system compared to the 19th century when working classes were stigmatised and neglected, our system now, although effective, proves many failures in meeting increased demands. By exploring society and the creation of the welfare state, my ambition is to identify potential improvements for social mobility.┬áHistory A level enabled me to learn about human behaviour relevant to intellectual growth and development. Studying the events of the past has given me a qualitative analytical skill allowing objective conclusions about the successes and failures of the past. English has developed analytical skills by studying texts in their social contexts and examining characters’ behaviour according to the stereotype of society in that time. F Scott Fitzgerald defies gender stereotypes by women asserting their power, however gives them no identity of a woman as they engage in activities similar to men.I have been involved in activities such as Pledge against Prejudice, aiming to prevent and support victims of bullying and abuse. I am also a tutor, helping to improve academic achievement and achieve realistic goals while working on my communication and empathy skills. Thorpe Hall Hospice was one of the most rewarding places I volunteered at as it gave me a mature sense of atmosphere that I could possibly be working in in my future. My current job as a receptionist demands me to work and cooperate with people of all attitudes, in which I must compose myself to be mature and responsible to successfully represent the business. These experiences gave me qualities such as cooperating with other people and learning to adapt to other people’s behaviour to better resolve the situation. This has increased my confidence in dealing with different people I must be able to represent and communicate with customers to serve their needs to appear more hospitable. The most important quality I have been lucky to learn is taking part in palliative care and support.Sociology prepares me for a constant lifetime of change by developing my appreciation of diversity, and knowledge of human behaviour, social organization and social change. I have become more objective through study of the effect of social integration on individuals’ lives. The supposition that we are vigorously influenced by Mead’s theory of self, in which our self maintains the interpretation a person holds of themselves in their mind and emerges from social interaction with others. This I have witnessed in everyday nature as Mead’s ‘me’ represents the expectations and attitudes of others organized into a social self. I can identify how people define their behaviour with reference to the generalized attitude of social group they occupy, which will help me understand as Mead’s ‘I’ is the essence of agency in human action.I want to study sociology as a degree as it develops my understanding of institutions that apply to myself and people surrounding me and gives me other interpretations of current social positions. This would help me pursue social work as a career as I will be able to judgethe society around me and apply sociological understanding to successful approach the situation