Societal contributors to stress Essay


Societal contributors to stress

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A significant number of individuals identify relational problems and social anxiety as the main causes of stress. Stress is defined as any emotional and physical demand that is often not easy to be handled (Scheid & Horwitz, 1999). Social stressors can be from three main sources such as marital, parenting, and professional or career-related stressors (Scheid & Horwitz, 1999). All these cause a significant amount of deleterious effects on healthy humans which may result to a collapse in the health functioning of the body systems.
Parental stress gets heavier preparing the children for school and struggling the whole day making sure that they are safe until the time of getting them back to bed in the evening. Parental stress can be potentiated when the children are aggressive, hyperactive or underperforming in schools. Parenting teenagers or adolescent children, chronically ill and step children can also be stressful.
Another source of social stress is marriage. Dealing with in-laws, extramarital relationships, unaffectionate and unforgiving spouses, handling of monetary issues and lack of communication within a marriage can be very challenging and often cause marital stress (Scheid & Horwitz, 1999).
The third source of social stress is career or professional stress, which is exhibited by working individuals. Sometimes it becomes tricky dealing with family issues as well as work related issues at the same time. Stress will always result when there is a conflict between family responsibities and work.
Significance of Restitution in the Resolution of Conflict in Traditional Societies
In traditional societies, there are fair means to handle conflicts which include compensation or restitution of the offended person. For example, the traditional African societies would give out heads of cattle to compensate a case of murder. The compensation ensures that the offended is comforted and helps in making decisions faster. Another importance is that the loss caused by the conflict is compensated through spirit of rebuilding the lost good relationship.
In general, there are many mechanisms that promised changes in the process conflict resolutions in traditional societies. These conventional mechanisms should be embraced for a better society.


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