Snapples Marketing Plan Essay

Target Market: Snapple target market is specifically defined. Snapple has a target market of health-conscious customers with a youthful attitude. They target this market because Snapple comes along with the image of a healthier alternative to drinking sugary carbonated drinks. It is not a drink of a serious athlete. It is also not the drink for someone who is lazy. It is made for someone in the middle of the two. The Snapple brand can appeal to older and younger customers; however the main target is customers with a youthful attitude.

The youthful attitude is targeted with the “real facts” on the cap of every bottle. These “facts” are untrue facts about random things. It keeps consumers intrigued and definitely appeals to a crowd with a younger attitude. (2013). Real Facts. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. snapple. com/real-facts/cap-view. [Last Accessed 3 April 2013]. Positioning: Snapple positions itself in the market at a high standard above its competitors. Snapple provides a wide variety of choices to pick from. Peach is one of the highest sold products that Snapple sells.

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The peach flavored Snapple is viewed as a great tasting beverage that is easy to transport and is healthy for the consumer. This product is much differentiated from its competitors. Consumers will view this product as a higher end iced tea because of the packaging’s high image differentiation. The product is served in a glass bottle. Compared to other iced teas brands that are delivered in plastic containers or cans, the product is going to be viewed as high quality. Snapple is viewed as a high quality drink. It is viewed this way in the market because it is made from all-natural ingredients.

The Snapple brand has a high image differentiation from its competitors. By having this brand associated with the product, it will also get that image of high quality. Snapple’s slogan is “Made from the best stuff on Earth”, which shows the quality of the ingredients along with the superior quality of the drink itself. Its competitive advantage shows that it has more benefits than its competitors which justify a slightly higher price. The Snapple Peach product truly stands out above its competitors because of all the quality that it provides.