Significance of Planning Essay

Significance of Planning

“If I were a Boy” by Beyoncé Knowles

“If I were a boy even just for a day

I’d roll out of bed in the morning

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And throw on what I wanted…”

            The story behind the video is a switching of characters: the boy being an office man and the girl as the police woman. The song illustrates a feeling of being dumped by the man he loves. Ms. Knowles sung the song with great emotions thus making her audience sympathize with her. Many relationships nowadays are like the one portrayed in the video. Many people are pursuing a relationship that has no exact or a sure direction for the relationship because both partners change as their relationship progresses.

            I chose the video because the students I will be handling are in a stage wherein affection and feelings for the opposite sex is very apparent. Since I will be holding upper intermediate class, it is easy for them to distinguish the relationship of the characters in the story. If they have not yet developed a romantic relationship with the opposite sex, they can analyze the relationships of their parents. How the woman is treated by her guy and how a guy is being nagged by his woman.

            The scenes may be melodramatic but it will bring my audience a time to reflect on what kind of relationship they would like to have in the future. There could be a number of insights that will in turn nurture their ability for critical thinking.

            In using the MTV mentioned above, I have to look for the best copy of the video clip so that my students will not be bored to death with a low quality music video. I will also prepare the lyrics of the song and put it in a PowerPoint presentation having some interpretations I can extract while carefully analyzing it. It is important that the video and analysis to be presented are supported by articles regarding the song and the performance of Beyonce Knowles.


Teacher:                                         Observer:                             Date: 12/21/08

Class level: Elementary            Room: 8      Expected number of students: 18

Context: revision of vocabulary for places and food to bring out new grammar

Teaching aids: LCD projector, dvd or video clip of the MTV “If I were a boy”

Learner objectives/aims: at the end of the lesson students will be able to:

Identify the roles of men and women in the society especially with the set-up of the relationship
Create an essay that describes their feelings towards the scenes in the video
Personal aims: share the emotional and psychological impact of the clip

Anticipated problems for students: misunderstanding from students and those that do not dramatic scenes on TV

Solutions: explaining the concepts well and encouraging them to have questions and suggestions

Anticipated problems for teacher: patience for students to respond

Solutions: give a specific time frame for each activity in order to accomplish and finish the lesson for the day.