Should parents give their children the latest electronic device? Essay

In this era of globalization ,social networking is everywhere! Every one has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Line account. With the latest electronic devices, a a person can reach out to people or information through the internet even in the most remote area like a desert.Those electronic devices users are ranging from the very young to old age because these devices are very easy to control. However, these latest electronic devices are bane too.So, should parents give their children the latest electronic devices?

Every parents hoped to mould their children into a useful and good individual. Unfortunately, in this demanding era, parents are forced to pursue at least one dominant career to give their lovely children a better life.Hence, many children own a electronic devices to contact their parents in emergency. Besides, parents are able to track the whereabouts of their children easily with the help of latest technology. However, in my opinion , parents should not give their children a latest electronic device.

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Network are bombarded with information!Internet is unsupervised,unexpected and it gives total freedom for children to do anything with a electronic devices.admitting that they never read to their children at night. The latest guidance suggests that too many parents are distracted by technology to speak and listen to sons and daughters. “Give your child your attention: don’t check your mobile phone at the same time as they are talking to you,” the leaflet says. It adds: “Switch off television and laptops well before bedtime: chat or read a bedtime story together instead.” The campaign – Ready to Learn Everyday, which has been backed by David Laws, the Schools Minister – involves the distribution of a series of four leaflets through schools led by NAHT’s 28,500 members. The first, based on an “introduction to school readiness”, was distributed earlier in the year. The latest leaflet urges families to place a greater focus on communication skills in the home. In a series of instructions, it advises parents to be patient and not interrupt their son or daughter. It also tells them to ask questions, discuss the day and have a family meal together where possible. The leaflet suggests that parents praise their child for listening to them and following instructions, while those mothers and fathers who do not have English as their first language should make sure they speak their native tongue “confidently and well”.

David Holmes, chief executive of Family Action, said: “We all know how easy it is to be distracted by our mobiles when with our children. That’s part of modern life. But this leaflet is a reminder to parents about the importance of making time to listen actively to our children. We all need to do this so that children in turn learn to speak and listen well.” Bernadette Hunter, NAHT president, said: “It’s easy for everyone, even parents, to be distracted by the immediacy of electronic communications. “We understand the pressure and temptation to respond straightaway but it’s important parents spend time speaking and listening with their