SCRIPT take interest?SHYLOCK TNo, not take interest,

SCRIPT Line 36 Enter ANTONIO BASSANIOGoing to meet him This is Sir Antonio.SHYLOCK KAside How like a money collector he looks.I hate him for he is a Christian;But more, for that in humble foolishnessHe lends out, without interest and brings downThe rate of usage here with us in Venice.SHYLOCK TIf I catch him at a disadvantage,I will feed the personal grudge I bear him.He hates our sacred nation, and he rails -Even there where most dealers do congregate -On me, my bargains, and my well-won thrift,Which he calls interest. SHYLOCK K & TCursed be our tribeIf we forgive him!BASSANIOShylock, do you hear?SHYLOCK TNot facing them I am debating of my present store,And by the near guess of my memoryI cannot instantly raise up the grossOf full three thousand dollars. What of that?Tubal, a wealthy Hebrew of my tribe,Will furnish me. Turning to BASSANIO But soft,how many monthsDo you desire? To ANTONIO Rest you fair, good sir!We were just talking about you, good sir.ANTONIOShylock, although I neither lend nor borrowBy taking nor by giving of excess,Yet to supply the urgent needs of my friend,I’ll break a custom. To BASSANIO Has he been informedHow much do you need?SHYLOCK TAy, ay, three thousand dollars.ANTONIOAnd for three months.SHYLOCK TI had forgot – three months, To BASSANIO you told me so.To ANTONIO Well then, my bond; and let me see – but hear you,I remember you said you neither lend nor borrowUpon advantage.ANTONIOI do never use it.SHYLOCK KWhen Jacob grazed his uncle Laban’s sheep -This Jacob from our holy Abram was(As his wise mother wrought in his behalf)The third possessor; ay, he was the third -ANTONIOAnd what of him? Did he take interest?SHYLOCK TNo, not take interest, not as you would sayDirectly interest. Mark what Jacob did:When Laban and himself were compromisedThat all the eanlings which were streaked and piedShould fall as Jacob’s hire, the ewes being rankSHYLOCK KIn end of autumn turnèd to the rams;And when the work of generation wasBetween these woolly breeders in the act,The skilful shepherd peeled me certain wands,And in the doing of the deed of kindHe stuck them up before the fulsome ewesWho, then conceiving, did in eaning timeFall parti-coloured lambs, and those were Jacob’s.This was a way to thrive, and he was blest;And thrift is blessing if men steal it not.