Scientific (Andrijasevic and Sacchetto, 2014). Speaking about

Scientific Management at Foxconn


The Taylorism or scientific management method can be
assumed as one of the important management styles implemented by the management
of Foxconn (R. Karimov, 1992), that is, organization of production and standardization
of operation, in order to improve production efficiency. In order to understand
the management practices and organization of production at Foxconn, let’s
analyze it by application of scientific management. The standardized management
at the Foxconn displays in the following aspects:

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Regarding to the time of production, the Foxconn
practices strict “black and white shifts”, employees who work at day
shift starts at 6 to 18 o’clock and workers at night shift are opposite.
(Andrijasevic and Sacchetto, 2014).

Speaking about income indicator based on
element of work at Foxconn, the finish time of each element of the work of every
worker is calculated by seconds, and production is organized according to
worker’s efficiency (Rustem Karimov).

Thirdly, by analyzing of the human resources structure
of the Foxconn, we are able to realize that it is organized as the shape of pyramid.
The executives who are responsible for strategy development are positioned on
the top of the structure; managers in the middle of the pyramid supervise
workers and allocate tasks, the people in the bottom are the ordinary employees
who implement highly repeated, monotonous, disintegrated and professional
tasks. Doing this, Foxconn ensures an informed division of
labor and responsibility between its managers and employees (Rustem Karimov).

The implemeted tasks in the manufactuing divisions of Foxconn’s production
chain are comparatively analogous and reflects the neo-Taylorism where the work
are divided into the several micro-motions with
the permanent control of quality grade by computers (Devi Sacchetto and Rutvica
Andrijasevic, 2015:222).

In combination with the neo-Taylorism, Foxconn’s
management practices the following features: First of all, obtain the standardized
labor methods by the ascertaining of rational methods by means of investigation
to disposal of irrational and unnecessary actions; secondly, to identify and
justify each standard element of work and time to develop basis for wage
payment system and management approaches; thirdly, accurate and scientific
based selection of employees; and lastly, ensure the clear division of labor
and responsibility between the manager and workers through analysis. (R. Karim,

In the case of application of scientific management by
Foxconn the benefits are obvious, that’s the company’s manufacturing division
can be organized and managed scientifically which in turn can increase the
efficiency of the production and decrease its manufacturing costs. The Foxconn has high efficiency of production due to
that it ensures strong production line, and strict established standards which
control each link between operations. As a result, the Foxconn has still unbeatable
position in spite of the today’s unstable business environment and highly
competitive industry of the electronic product. The scientific management’s
role in it could be assumed as very significant. (Rustem Karimov, 2017)
However, we are also able to find out downsides in the Foxconn’s operation
management and production organization. There are several cases in which due to
the high work pressure and stress, unequal treatments and depressing
environment, low salaries, unsafe conditions of work, inhumane punishment the
workers of Foxconn commit suicide (Rustem Karimov, 1992).

By ignoring the social life and emotions of workers by
executives with paying attention to tasks and production efficiency only, the
management at the risk of having huge hidden difficulties for enterprise. If
the workers will unite to organize unrest and revolt the enterprise will meet
significant problems.

By the use of scientific management to analyze the
Foxconn’s management practices we can understand that Taylorism is only able to
resolve the problems related to the efficiency of the individual specific element
of the work. However, the scientific management is not sufficient to solve the
difficulties that how the organization should be managed and operated as a
whole system taking into account the human resources management and their

From the application of scientific management to
analyze Foxconn’s management practices and its organization of production, we
could understand and summarize following: firstly, scientific management can
explain the Foxconn’s organization of production; secondly, using, the
scientific management, Foxconn relatively paid more attention to object, not to
people. Thirdly, using Taylorism, we are not able to realize the relationship
of being exploited and exploitation between workers and employers in essence.  

Based on the analysis above, we can conclude that
adopting Taylorism may be effective on improving the efficiency of production in
the enterprise, but when taking the workers into account, it may not be very
perfect. On the other hand, the scientific management is not sufficient to
explain the other organizational futures and management practices of Foxconn
such as functional structure of organization and bureaucracy, dictatorship and
military management.